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  • George C Triumph "Bucs fan" - Art and Music and a guy named Roger WatersSimply put, this is a masterpiece and it tells a story as well as paints a picture. One of the defining rock opuses that extends the creativity and talent of the members of Pink Floyd. I have to mention though that this is Roger Waters baby, he is the godfather of this project as well as Wish you Were here and Dark Side of the Moon. Make no mistake about it, Waters songwriting, Bass playing and singing was the center that did hold for a long, long time for this band.

    The Wall is epic, so large nobody can touch it. It is something that takes a lifetime to truly experience and understand, and even then you are amazed at how it just continues to grow and change while still showing some of the same things hold true years and years later. Some of the songs really seem like nothing more than toe tapping rockers but if you know the story then you know the depth that is behind those songs.

    One of the greatest Dual Album studio releases of all time. Forget the cartoon and the drugs and all that other hocus pocus and just soak this in, one day at a time for a lifetime. You won't regret it, it will one day be your baby also. They just don't make records like this anymore, with so much meaning and feeling and power and social and political ideas all melded into one thing...and that thing is THE WALL by Pink Floyd.
  • Introversion is not a disease - A giant step forward for womankind!!By day, I am an orthopaedic surgeon working in a large trauma center, piecing together broken bones and saving lives everyday. By night, I am a single mom to my 2 year old son, giving him baths and feeding him his dinner. Yet I never felt worthy as a female... until I discovered BIC pens for HER!! Since using these pens, my self-esteem has soared and I am a changed woman. I am planning to quit my job and delete all of that useless medical knowledge from my brain! Once I take up knitting, I know a man will fall madly in love with me. Thank you BIC for creating this giant step forward for womankind!
  • FF9000 - Why the bad reviews??First off, I dunno what everyone is complaining about... This game is amazingly fun. Yeah, there were problems with the server, but Blizzard is retarded for making it online only, but then again, they make the same Call of Duty every year with just new maps. But the game overall is outstanding... I have been doubtful about playing it because I was waiting for Max Payne 3 to arrive, but it didn't get here before weekend, so I started to play Diablo 3, and I couldn't stop, except when the Champions League final was on. But this game is fun, the controls are great, graphics are good. Blizzard was smart enough to not make the most amazing graphics otherwise they wouldn't have sold so much.

    The one thing that bothers me is that people complain about the server and they give it horrible reviews. They shouldn't review a game if they haven't even gotten to play it. If u are gonna review something review the server, because this game doesn't deserve the low reviews. At a minimum I would say 8.5. I my self give it a 9.5 out of 10. A must buy for Diablo fans, or just video game fans.
  • ACMora333 - Great introductory book about patterns in nature.This book has the selling point of being about the mystery and anticipation of 2012, but its true value is the fact that it introduces readers to the world of fractals,or patterns in nature.

    Gregg Braden does a great job of presenting evidence of patterns in nature, something scientists denied for many years because it strongly suggested the existence of some kind of intelligence behind what was supposed to be the "accident of life". Regardless, he does well in making the case that time is also part of nature and therefore also cyclical, or has patterns.

    He uses great examples like the history of presidents assassinated in office, the Kennedy-Lincoln connection, which, not to give anything away, is way too eerily similar to be called a coincidence.

    He also talks about the Golden Ratio, phi, which mathematicians find when measuring the actual patterns in nature.

    After reading this book I became obsessed with the topic of fractals. Great book. The author does a great job of simplifying what I thought was going to be a very complicated subject. Once you learn about the topic of fractals you will never look at the world the same way again.