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  • Casey Carter - Must Have for Any Fantasy Baseball PlayerI bought this for my father who greatly enjoys fantasy baseball. Since I graduated school and found a job, instead of buying him the book a year late and paying 99 cents and letting him look up the recent data online, I was able to buy the new edition this year - This book is worth every penny for a real baseball statistics fanatic.

    It provides several years' worth of stats, as well as projections and comparisons to other players. I wish it had a better guide to what each statistic meant; we had to look up a sort of glossary for that online and make an addendum in a binder for Dad's extra fantasy baseball information. The book is so complete and thorough in terms of information about the players, once we understood what each stat was, it really cut back on the amount of time he spends researching on various sites to build his time, and he's been able to better focus on actually putting together teams.

    Every baseball team has a team synopsis written out with projections for the year before discussing the players of that team, and there's very useful information that's easy to read. There's also enough room in the margins to make notes.

    He's purchased other baseball stat books in the past, but nothing really compares to BP. The only real complaint I heard from him regarding the book was the silly nature of the introduction; I guess they're trying to be coy and market it to young people. Of course, it's easy enough to skip that part. If anyone could recommend an equally good pro football guide, please comment!
  • Caz - Great for Acne/Pimples!I recently started a new medication that caused breakouts. Although the pimples/acne gradually disappeared, I was left with skin discoloration where the pimples used to be. This product reduced the discoloration/redness after a couple of treatments. It doesn't take a large amount to apply - use sparingly. I highly recommend this product! :-)
  • Marilyn - As always, beautiful photosI buy one of these every year, and am always impressed by the high quality of the photography and of the paper on which the calendar is printed. And at least some of the proceeds go to support the Sierra Club, so that's a good thing. Amazon always has good prices on this calendar, although its price will go down--by at least half--at many retailers after Christmas. But it makes a good Christmas or Hanukah present.