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  • Christopher Taylor - Wonderful Bag, Superior CraftsmanshipI absolutely love this bag. I bought it for school and have found it to be the perfect fit for my books and binders as well as my Macbook Pro 13". It has ample room for everything you could ever want and more pockets than you'd ever need. The quick-adjust strap is an awesome added touch that makes the bag easy to sling on your back in any position. My only, ONLY qualm is that the bag can get distorted sometimes without it being filled to the brim just because it's all nylon without inner supports. But, this is also good because it allows it to wrap around your back more easily.

    Definitely buy this item if you want an AWESOME messenger bag.
  • mk87 - Finally remission without medicationI was diagnosed with crohn's disease in september 2010, after undergoing an appendectomy. The prescribed medication was ineffective, four months after my diagnosis surgery was required. I had an Ileo-colic resection Jan 2011. The surgeon said it was likely that I would experience diarrhea at least four or five times per day (due to the particular section of bowel that was removed), but that there was medication to treat this. I have been on this diet for a month now and I have not experinced any diarrhea or abdominal pain (which I was so used to experiencing prior to surgery)all without any medications! I am so excited about this book and would recommend it to anyone with intestinal disorders. I have never felt better!
  • R. Reed - wonderful surprise!I chose this book because of the cover but didn't actually read it until much later. This author is fabulous! I loved the story - laced with humor and so much wisdom. In this particular story, I could relate so well with Sarah (main character) and her bumbling, funny sarcasm. I loved how the author infused so many beautiful references to the bible and the encouragement that can be found there. I would definitely recommend this book and I am ready to read another by Tessa Afshar. Well done!
  • CuteEverything - Good info!I am so interested in metabolism and have researched it for many years. I think learning how to speed up my metabolism is important, not only for weight loss, but also to keep my immune system responding quickly and not sluggishly. And also just to keep everything in good working order in general. The main principle to me was to "keep your metabolism guessing" so it doesn't slow down. A major way the author encourages this is by encouraging people to eat three meals and two snacks a day, so their metabolism never even has the chance to get sluggish. I learned a lot of good tips to get and keep my metabolism revved up, including appreciating and loving good food for the nutrients it provides to me and eating regularly without skipping meals, (both of which I really struggle with). I'm sure I will be turning to this book again and again for all the sound advice and the accurate perspective on food that I so need.