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  • Black Pudding - GET THIS!!If you have natural hair and you use natural products on your hair you know about the build up! I can't speak for permed heads but, for this natural head of coils and curls, this stuff works wonders! I received my shipment 4/17/2013 and I cowashed the next morning and Hunty-chile! Let me tell you!! My hair is so curly and shiny. I shook my head as much as I could to remove any excess water in the shower and I didnt apply any other products to my hair. I just cowashed, put a band on to catch any dripping water, did a little preping and went to work. I didnt touch my hair much with my fingers; you know what I mean pulling and stuff, and I scrunched it up with my hands. The curl/coils were still tight and looking great when I arrived to work! I work recommend this product to NATURAL HEADS HEAD!
  • jamie - Excellent Products!I have suffered from acne from the onset of my puberty onward, and nothing has calmed it down like this product has. I sprung for the products my senior year of high school, and my skin has never looked better! Coming into college, my skin had never been better. When I ran out of the products, however, I figured my skin had become okay enough to survive without them. I WAS SERIOUSLY WRONG. I didn't break out immediately, but as the months progressed my skin looked worse and worse. I tried to substitute the products with drugstore versions, and while I find Cetaphil is a suitable substitution for the cleanser in this kit, the Neutrogena On-spot Acne Treatment made me very oily for some reason (it's supposed to be the same exact product as the one in the kit!!) and most moisturizers didn't help the situation. I find that the moisturizer in this kit is very cooperative with my skin, and it doesn't make me oily in the least. My only stipulation is that I wish the moisturizer had SPF (I am deathly paranoid of skin cancer) but overall my experience with the Regimen has been overwhelmingly positive and I 100% recommend this product.