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  • Victoria - Best help I've found yet for back pain!

    I stumbled upon this book in the Chiropractor's office. I have been searching for answers for 10 years on how to stand, sit, sleep, bend, and walk after years of back pain and posture guarding and distortion. This book holds all the answers with easy to follow step-by-step illustrations and photographs. I was so very impressed with my results: free of pain, ease in posture, restful nights without waking in pain, and an increase in my height by 3/4 of an inch!!!!! I followed my study of the book by signing up for her workshop, which was equally fulfilling, it is not a must as the book is a self-teaching tool, but the workshop does offer additional individual advantages.
    I fully recommend this book to anyone with any type of back or posture troubles. The photographs alone are reason enough to buy it or give it as a gift to your loved ones.
    Esther is a kind and wonderful human being who genuinely cares about the health and well-being of others, a joy to learn from.

  • Catbird - An Addict all the same

    Let's get serious. Love Addiction, Avoidance Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Gambling Addiction, Food Addiction. Don't fool yourself, it's all the same. It's a painful compulsive behavior. It's a sickness and you'll need help. Pia Mellody does a great job of explaining the "disease" and laying out steps to overcome it. Take her advice. Do the work. I am a happier healthy person because I used her advice as one of my tools for healing.