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  • Micah Wedemeyer - Installation was a snapI'm not a super-handy guy, but I was able to put these on in about 10 minutes. If you've got the standard OEM roof rails then everything lines up perfectly and all you need to do is screw it all in.

    I used a power drill with a Torx bit to install everything. The instructions call for a torque wrench with very specific parameters, but the guy at Home Depot said "Just get it really f***ing tight. Don't worry about the torque wrench." Lying on top of the car it was much easier to use the drill than it would have been to mess with the torque wrench, too.

    One tip: Lay down a blanket on the car roof while installing to prevent scratches from any dropped bolts or tools.
  • helen cherry hauptman - This Book changed my Life!!In dealing with psoraisis which was getting worse and worse as time went on. I wa taking Raptive and then Enbroyl by injection. Doctors told me to keep taking the medicines. the condition got worse. i read the reviews in this column about this book and based on those glowing reviews, i committed to the diet. People who followed this diet got their clear skin back. I stopped all medicataions. I am coming up on 8 weeks now and my skin is clearing, my head isn't itching anymore, and the cuts on my hands have healed. I am 85% clear, with blotches fading every day. This book and diet have given my my life back.
  • Life Learner "Absorber Of Books" - The Most Important Book For Men Who Interact With WomenThis is the Manosphere condensed into one volume. This is the most important reading for men who interact with women at any level. This explains *everything* of importance about them. If you have not read this book, you are not getting as much Cooperation as you could and are putting yourself and your future in imminent danger as you are ignorant how attraction really works. Women should read this book and give it to their male family members to help them stay out of divorce court. This book should be re-read every 3 months. Rating: 9.9875 of 10.
  • audioman - Ringo's Best All Star Band to dateI attended the Bethel Woods, NY concert Ringo did earlier on this tour. It was the same set list and line-up (except for Joe Walshs' appearance). The band is spot on. The choice of songs and pacing keep things moving right along. It was a great show. This DVD captures it perfectly. All of the performances are worth seeing, no real let downs. Everyone is top vocal and musical shape. Ringo has put together his best all star show to date.
  • A Pierce - Awesome cameraArrived in a timely fashion. Camera is awesome for what we have used it for so far. Pictures are great. It is a fast camera from how long it takes to start to how fast it will take the next picture and while using the burst feature. It also does movies well. We look forward to a long time of enjoying it.