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  • Shelly - A Yearly Purchase Looked Forward to in our HouseMy husband is a photographer greatly influenced by Ansel Adams. Every year he receives the current Ansel Adams calendar. This began with his mother years before I met him and I have continued the tradition since he absolutely appreciates it and has each calendar saved from the last couple decades.
  • TV Lover - A must haveExcept for maybe psychiatry, this is something every medical provider has to have. I was going to go electronic this year, but it was way too expensive. I am good with the hard print - except that you may want to up-size to the bigger print version if you are getting a little older and you don't always have your cheaters on you or your nurses are getting a little older too.
  • Katrina B. - Kept me turning pages long after I should have been asleepKiss is one of those books that pulled me in right away, and kept me hanging on the whole way through. Full of suspense, Kiss presented interesting characters caught up in a mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat.

    I'm not a reader of romance books, so I was a little leery (I mean, with a name like "Kiss," you have to wonder). But while there was some romance, it wasn't overdone, and it didn't overshadow the thrills -- that's definitely a good thing.

    I've long enjoyed Ted Dekker's books and his collaboration with Erin Healy on this book was definitely a success. There were Ted's signature thrills and chills, and a touch of paranormal (though not so much as to be "way out there"), but it was well-written from a female perspective.

    Looking for a book that'll keep you up too late turning pages? One where you keep saying, "Just one more chapter" but can't seem to stop? Pick up Kiss!
  • C. Gay - LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.Brene Brown I have followed you since before you became a sensation on TED. Not only do you talk about the subjects that need to be addressed, i.e. shame, guilt, numbing, foreboding joy, you are excellent at personalizing it so that we can all relate. When your first video on TED came out I made guy I had just met watch it, and I told him if he couldn't handle things like that then we couldn't date. Well we're now married and now can better address issues and have great communication skills. I would buy every single one of Brene's books and audio tapes because they are a great resource for personal development, no matter what you are going through. Don't let the title scare you away, because vulnerability = power over your life.