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  • Sweet Apple - Healthy Meal Alternative! Great as a snack in between meals!In my experience with RAW MEAL, I have found it best to mix with almond milk, vanilla powder or extract, and a touch of stevia. Shake it all up in a blender bottle quickly, and consume right away before it begins to swell up (within 3-4 minutes). The taste is actually quite good with this combination until the last few minutes when it begins to swell. I tolerate the last gulp. I enjoy RAW MEAL as a snack in between meals. :-)
  • Debby W - A must have product for peace of mind!I have been using this product on my 4 beagles for almost 2 years and it works great! I originally purchased this product because beagles are scent hounds and no matter how much they love you, when given the chance, they will bolt. While this has never happened to me, I feel much better knowing I could track them easily if it did.

    I love the accuracy of the tracker. Sometimes I take my dogs for a ride in the car just to test the system out. A few minutes into the ride I get a text message that "Buddy" has left the tagg home zone. I love that the message is specific to the dog. I can press track or locate in the iPad or Iphone app and it will locate the dog very accurately. Yes, there is a circular radius that you can set around the perimeter of your home. Right now the smallest circle that you can set is about the size of 2 house lots. That is fine with me...I will still know when my dog is on the run.

    I do not have any issues with the battery life. My dogs are all seniors now, some with mobility issues. We go for light daily walks, but other than that they are home most of the time. When home most of the time, I am still getting a good 20ish days of battery life. When on the move, we average a week, but it is no big deal to charge the battery when we go to bed...and I have 4!

    The tagg tracker hangs on to their collars really well. One of my beagles can still run, jump, play, dive under the deck, etc. When the tracker is secured properly, I have never had one fall off. I know Tagg now offers a sleeve to provide added security for super active dogs...brilliant.

    Another feature I love is the activity tracker. Somehow, the Tagg on their collars tracks to dog's activity. I am not really 100% sure how this works....but it does...and really well. I have one beagle, Murdog, who came to me as a foster dog 2 years ago. He was an old fellow with several health issues. I use Tagg's activity tracker to keep track of how he is feeling. Murdog has painful joints...especially his shoulders. There are nights that he sometimes paces for several hours. I can see his activity level down to 15 minute increments to see how much rest he is getting at night. I use this to help validate medications or modalities that are helping him feel better. He also has a slow growing cancerous tumor on his heart. When he lays down, it sometimes presses on his trachea and makes him cough, thus making him get up and pace as well. Now he is on some new meds and having laser therapy on his shoulders.....and sleeping through most of the night. I love when I see several nights in a row of no activity because I know he is getting a good night's sleep.

    I have also used the activity tracker to make sure that I get the services I request from animal care providers. I have a pet sitter that comes 2x/day to walk one of my dogs that does not have access to the dog door (he has to be kept away from my other dogs when not supervised). I can see on the activity tracker exactly when Buddy had his walk and how long it lasted. Nice!!!! I had to day board Buddy for a week and paid for extra play time for how do I know he got the play time....activity tracker!!! :-)

    I travel with my dogs on vacation and love the fact that I can set a new Tagg zone and have peace of mind while on vacation. Would really like if that could be done through the app vs computer only.

    Cost....I have no issues. Can't really put a price on security/safety. I really love that if you have multiple dogs they can be added to the same docking station and the add on monthly monitoring cost is only .95/mo.

    There a few things out there that I am constantly telling friends, family, vets and people I meet about on a consistent basis....but Tagg is one of them. Well done, Tagg!!! I look forward to seeing what's next.
  • Wayne R Morrison - Extremely flexible!I've been a Finale user from the beginning (version 1.0.0) and I use it in a multitude of ways, from creating MIDI files for musical toys, to charts for my 16-piece praise band, to adding sweetening (strings and/or horns) to recorded rhythm/vocal tracks from my recording studio. It handles all of the above well, and in a way that is musical and useful.
  • white cat 56 "Angie D" - Still going strongYes, it's a little clunky compared to the newer generations of Kindles, and yes, the back cover slips loose, but I replaced the battery earlier this year with an off-brand and my Kindle is still going strong.

    I use my Kindle nearly every day. I can download books wirelessly or through my computer with ease. If I'm using it with the wireless on, I have to recharge it every day as I usually on for an hour or two searching for new books to read and download. If I'm merely reading, I can go for 3 or 4 days before recharging. The only time it "hangs up", i.e., freezes, is when I'm using the wireless feature and am flipping back and forth between books and lists. I consider this a small problem compared with the pop-up ads that seem to be a omnipresent feature of the new Kindle Fire.

    I won't upgrade until my Kindle dies, because there is such a glut of 1st gens on the market that there is NO RESALE VALUE (about $12-$15). There's no need to upgrade at this time though as MY 1ST GEN IS STILL GOING STRONG!!!
  • noclaimtofame - Lifesaver for Crohn's sufferersI got this book for my daughter 5 years ago when she was first diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and was unable to eat anything without being extremely ill, as she had too much sugar and wheat in her diet.

    She was desperate enough to follow the advice in the book, even though it seemed extreme. After a couple weeks she was much improved. After two years she was able to occasionally eat a few foods that normal people eat (pizza, a hamburger, regular bread). She is now vastly improved to the point where she lives a normal life, although still follows much of the SCD diet. Her doctor asked her how she was able to improved so drastically, and she gave him the SCD information.

    If you don't follow this diet or one similar, you cannot recover from this disease just by taking a bunch of pills. Most doctors don't know that "we are what we eat". Our medical system is broken and run by big pharm, but that is another issure.