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  • Dania Bruner - yummy gummiesOk who doesn't love Gummy Bears, well maybe someone who hasn't ever tried them!
    I loved the regular ones as a teen, but unfortunately had to give them up along with
    a whole bunch of other things when I developed Adult Diabetes. Then I found these
    sugarless ones. Oh Joy! Now they are a little bit chewier but no less tasty or fun.
    And my kids who didn't know they were sugarless had no problem with them either judging
    by how much of them were eaten. I have almost finished the 1st 5lb bag and am ready
    for the next one, they keep quite a well if stored properly. Go ahead and enjoy.
  • Al Kamieniecki "Rodger Young" - this really is a huge step in the right directionI upgraded to Windows 8 about a week ago. Actually I was happy with Windows 7, but I understand why Microsoft took this step, the long term future of integrating the cloud, the computer, and the tablet is the way to go and something neither Android or Apple have been able to come close to.
    I am running this on a PC I do not have a Windows 8 tablet...but I am telling you that the flexibility built into this OS is so far ahead from what else is out there or even what I was expecting that I am liking it more and more every day. There was a lot of creative thinking here. I would go so far as to say it is revolutionary not evolutionary.
    The desktop is basically the tablet desktop, all the apps tie in nicely with the traditional Windows desktop which is right there for you just a click away. So basically legacy Windows and the new super tablet interface play nice in the sandbox.
    I have not scratched the surface of what this can do, there is not nearly the culture shock one would's fun. I would say give it a try.
  • Pam Craig - Cutting edge and innovative revised Body Ecology book.Read this book, do it for yourself and your future. Donna Gates books have been life altering for myself and uncountable clients I have seen over the years. In fact my client's introduced me to her work as they shared individual health issues that were affecting their lives. When a book like Body Ecology comes along, it is a big blessing. If you want to learn how to become your own nutritionist, how to feel good again, with stamina and mental clarity, read this latest edition. Donna recently read each line and made changes based on her 20 plus years of research on how to rebuild a healthy inner eco system. The probiotic food recipes included in the book are easy to prepare and delicious. I make the Body Ecology soups and enjoy how tasty and satisfying they are. Donna is a diamond in the wealth of knowledge that she shares with her readers. Thank you Donna as your contributions have opened the eyes of the world. I remember 15 years ago when I attended your lecture for the first time due to client recommendations. You were educating on the benefits of stevia when it wasn't heard of by anyone in this country, and now major manufacturers are including stevia instead of sugar in their ingredients. You have always been ahead of the curve on complete information, getting to the essence of food and the energy it creates in our bodies.