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  • Math 27 "pnvrgrn" - Five Man ArmyI bought "Blue Line" album after listening to Massive's 1998 release "Mezzanine" and was not impressed at first. I read that it was an essential album that influenced to whole trip hop genre (though critics and trip hoppers also site Smith & Mighty as the first) and that it was a classic. The two albums are quite far apart in style and tone. Mezzanine being, dark, edgy and heavy, Blue Lines more easy, neutral and urban. Now that I've had Blue Lines for a while and have all three Massive releases to compare it to, I see it for what it is worth. It sound more urban than their other two albums with soul, rap, reggae and R&B influences. I think the male vocals in Blue Lines are more impressive than the male vocals on Protection. Tracks like "blue lines", "five man army" and "daydreaming" are great. "Safe from Harm" is a decent opener with Sara Nelson's soulful voice over a smooth bass guitar. It's not edgy and dramatic like Mezzanine or trys to be slick like Protection but it is an essentially, cool recording. So pick it up and hear how they sounded in the early day of trip hop.
  • Martin Christensen - great productMeets all of my needs. I am able to utilize this tablet for almost everything I used my laptop for. Definitely worth considering if you are looking.
  • Robert Fernando - If Chuck Norris needed a weapon, this is it!What can I say? I had the highest expectation for this product after reading the reviews. It saved a marriage, reformed an ex-con, doubled as a love inducing device, this list is long and distinguished. It does not disappoint.

    I believe it's the Swiss Army knife of the 25th century. If Buck Rogers got a hold of this, Senator Palpatine would have never ceased control of the Federation and Zion would never be destroyed. Seven times.

    If Chuck Norris were to carry a weapon, this would be it.

    Today, I'm setting out on a mission. A mission to fix the American debt crisis, a mission to bring peace to our world, so that religions, political parties, thespians and accountants may live in peace and harmony. I would never consider attempting this without the Hutzler 571.

    Think about it. It's named like a German tank. Would you leave the house without one?

    Oh, it cuts Bananas too. Pretty darn well.
  • SoCalSky - Comfort, first and foremostWhenever I find I have influence, say, in getting my husband to listen, or pressing for pay commensurate with less qualified male co-workers, I appreciate the boundaries of a good, solid binder. This one does it for me - just enough breathing room to provide the illusion of freedom, while in reality I am kept firmly in place. Avery, I sense your sales will skyrocket this election season as more and more women (and the men in their lives) realize the importance of binders to contain women's influence.
  • Wisteria - kindle = more reading, less painMy kindle was a Christmas gift from my wonderful kids, and it has been my favorite present ever! I have arthritis in my wrists and holding any sort of book would cause me pain - even a paperback. This is so light, and I can hold it in either hand and turn the pages easily. There are so many interesting authors I have found that I have enriched my reading enormously. It is all too easy to get books from Amazon, and I never lack for reading material. My kindle (in its case) fits my purse and has been there when I have had the usual delays in life, like the time I spent at the DMV, doctor's offices, airports, etc. This has been a source of great pleasure for me, and I can recommend it to anyone!
    Nell Summerour