Allegra Restaurant, 1225 Cranbrook Street North - Allegra Restaurant, The Allegra Restaurant specializes in Mediterranean fine dining with a seasonal ...

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 43231 Columbus, Ohio

  • Frannie's Dad - PW does it again!I was so excited to learn that she was doing a cookbook for all of the holidays. I just got the book today and have been flipping through it on-and-off all day long. I love it! As usual the photography is incredible, the book itself is gorgeous, and it is filled with food that I would actually like to try. I noticed another reader was off-put by the number of step-by-step photos; I happen to find this technique very helpful as a cook, and I'm no beginner by any means. Ms. Drummond also does all of her own photography which is a huge feat in itself and rare among authors. I own her other two cookbooks, and I will probably buy another one if she writes it. Beautiful book, mouth-watering recipes, I love it. Yay! I can't wait to get into bed tonight and really read it. Hot dog!
  • B. Van Ness "Cloudwaltzer" - My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2I am new to tablets and am still getting use to it. It is a great alternative to my laptop and I like it very much. I would recommend this product to everyone!