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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 63017 Chesterfield, Missouri

  • Linda "Linda" - Best StrollerI have tried at least 7 different lightweight strollers for my son. This one is by-far the best. The other jogging strollers I have used don't fold up small enough to fit in a small trunk. This one is super easy to fold, very light, and fits easily in my tiny hybrid trunk with more than half the trunk room to spare. This is even better than umbrella strollers because it folds in half.

    My son is longer in the upper leg, so most lightweight strollers would hit him about mid-thigh, which hurts when we hit bumps. The canopy also covers more which is wonderful for evening sun.

    I definitely recommend this stroller to anyone looking for a good lightweight, compact stroller. It is no trail-running stroller, but great for running the roads around town. The price may seem high, but it will work for many years, up to 80 pounds or something. And is far better than any umbrella stroller for folding, weight, and ease of use.
  • LT73 - The Haters' bias has certainly clouded good judgement...The Haters' vision has certainly clouded good judgement. This OS it not only beautiful, it is incredibly easy to use, versatile, and fun. There. I said it. Bring on the "fanbois" comments. I have big shoulders. I have been in the IT industry for 14 years. I have been building computers for 20 years. I own Apple products (Macbook Air, 21" iMac, iPhone, iPad, etc.). None of my Apple products hold a candle to Windows 8. None. Period. Windows 8 offers the best of two worlds: Tablet mode which I want when I am consuming/playing (i.e. Surfing the net, playing games, social media etc.) and desktop mode when I want to get something done(i.e. Work on a spreadsheet, Word document, Organize files/folders, etc.). I probably should not be surprised to see all the haters taking shots at Micro$soft - After all, they are an easy target. That said, it's difficult to argue against what Microsoft has delivered here. I give this product a 9.8/10. I would have given them a 9.9, but I had to create my own Shutdown button in the task bar.