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  • Tsathoggua - Great for customer service!I was pleased to see that this product worked so well! Normally, whenever I have an "irate customer", I just smile, node my head, and give them whatever the hell they want. Now, with this amazing, one-of-a-kind product, I won't have to do that anymore! Yesterday, a woman came in demanding her money back for a half empty bag of jelly beans she had purchased a year ago. She didn't have a receipt, either. When I explained that I would issue a store credit, she balked. I then whipped out the good old MK-9 and gave her a face full of this stuff. THAT convinced her that a store credit would work fine. Later that day, a man came in upset because we were out of a product that had been on sale the entire week (that day had been the last day of the sale, you see). "You should have it," he demanded, "it's in your flyer! You shouldn't have it in there if you don't have it! You need to order more!"

    "Is that so" I asked.

    "Yes! I want to see your manager!"

    "Well," I said taking out my can of MK-9, "here he is! You can tell him all about it!"

    Ten seconds later, he was happy to get a raincheck. It also worked well with customers who complained about express check out, the quality of store brand products, other "rude" employees, and those who wanted to use the employee restroom. Nothing says great customer service like a can of MK-9!

    Highly recommended!
  • Steve Tucker - Problem ChildJunior year of high school my daughter got into drugs and became very rebellious at home and school. I was afraid she would never graduate and eventually wind up in jail or dead. I was making it worse by my hostile parenting skills. The Total Transformation taught me the skills to better work with my daughter and get her to understand her problems and that there was a better life for her. We now have a much more stable and peaceful family dynamic. My daughter has given up the drugs and successfully graduated high school. She is now attending college, doing well, and aspirations of a career. I could not have accomplished this without the skills learned in the Total Transformation Program. In addition, my daughter had nearly financially destroyed me and Legacy Publishing made it financially possible for me to use the program. My family thanks you.
  • my39ron - I'm soo... in love with this timepiece!For starters I've been in LOVE with the baby sense 1st sight. Its much bigger in persons I was blown away just off sight. The only problem I thought I would have was the length of the bands. It's not as long as it should be with a watch this huge but it will do. Another thing nice timepiece but not worth $295. I waited till it dropped. It took bout a year but it finally drop to a reasonable $225. Great watch but I didnt think it was worth $300. Esp with it having little water resistance & the band being as short as it is. If you have a wrist bigger then an 8'inches I suggest you get a longer band. Outside of that this Beast is a dream come true. The biggest in my collection & I have alot of big face watches.
  • Lena Rhodes - Light and easy!Just used it for the first time today and so far I love this hose! I got the one with brass fitting ...just in case. It seems like all the reviews I read that is where these hoses fail. The thing I like best....besides the not kinking which is why I bought it in the first that it is so light. My old hose was a workout just to drag it around the yard. This one was so nice and light that it wasn't a chore just to water my plants. So far so good!