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  • Podge T - Works great when no pressure is appliedI think the reason some people rate the Pedi Spin poorly is because they are pressing the Pedi Spin against the callus and causing the spinning disk to stop. Most complaints mention a weak motor, or not enough power.

    The instructions clearly state that the Pedi Spin should be gently rested on the callus and allowed to do its work. It will not sand a callus down as quickly as one might expect from a "power-grinder", but it will sand a callus down very effectively when held gently. In-fact, if the Pedi Spin is held softly in one spot for longer than 5-7 seconds, the friction from the spinning disk will cause discomfort/pain in that area. I believe if the motor was any stronger people would be able to easily injure themselves. Likely for safety reasons the spinning blade will stop if pressed too hard against the callus.

    Another great feature of this product is the "suction" created by the spinning disk helps reduce the spread of skin dust, which is always an issue when using sandpaper or other similar products. With the Pedi Spin most of the skin dust is captured inside the blade compartment.

    The Pedi Spin has my vote.
    Yes, I would highly recomment the Pedi Spin to those able to resist pushing the unit into the callus. If you can be gentle and patient, the Pedi Spin will sand away all traces of a callus. I think it is a great product.
  • Tangle - I Love my TabletI love, love my tablet. It's my whole, personal world all wrapped up in a 8 1/2 x 10 inch square tablet. I thought at first I would be able to share this with my boyfriend but I find it to be a very personal thing. It's MY TABLET! I'm still learning the various differences of a tablet vs computer, but Samsung has a manual you can download and what? read it on your TABLET. I just love it.
  • A. Hansen "AH Booklover" - Wow, what a nail biter!A book to keep you on the edge of your seat! I was sucked into the story right away...a regular day turns into a nightmare! Often with some mystery/suspense books people learn to detect who/what/why half way through the book. The book becomes a game to solve; but in this case-I couldn't quite put it together. That in itself makes this amazing. I look for more by the author in the future!
  • Brendakperkins - Wilton Flowers & Cake Design Lesson PlanAny person that wishes to learn the art of making beautiful, real appearing, fondant/gum past flowers - this is the book for you!! I promise your flowers will look SO real that it will surprise people. Each and every little hint that helps you to make your flowers appear real is in this book! You cannot go wrong with this book. You will find yourself reading it over and over, makign flowers over and over. You will see that your self-esteem will roar! People, co-workers, family members, friends will be dazzled and amazed -- and so will YOU. This lesson book is extremely valuable. It cannot be purchased from Wilton (which is a real crying shame). I think Wilton is afraid that if they sell the book, they will miss out of selling classes, but not so. I, myself, took 4 classes. Having bakes/cooked since the age of 9, I really didn't feel it was necessary but boy was I surprised. I learned more in my first class than I had in years of teaching. Wilton honestly needs to sell these lesson plans. Not only will receive money from the classes, but they will also make money from the books. Why would a company prefer their customers buy their books from someone else??? I've not figured that out. Getting back to this lesson will be extremely, extremely happy. Your family will brag on you. Your income will increase for making beautiful live-appearing flowers that you sell on your cakes. Please try cannot fail!!! Best book ever on making and decorating flowers!!