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  • Marlena - Couldn't have planned trip to Italy without it!Bought this book at the urging of one of my friends. It has been immensely helpful while we plan our trip to Italy this summer. Great recommendations for hotels, places to eat, and sites to see. Above all, gives AMAZING tips for traveling, booking traings, safety in certain areas, etc. Very pleased with purchase and would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling here!
  • Chris - AMAZING!Crash and Burn is without a doubt the most candid, personal and sincere book, no, story I've EVER heard. Amazing sums it up in one word. If you're a fan of Artie Lange, or listened to him on the Howard Stern show then you've probably heard 1/2 of this telephone conversation of a story. If you're not, it's still an amazing, personal and autobiography (only about 3 years of his life). If you're a raging drug addict or alcoholic, this is a fascinating story that many of you may have only ever dreamed to live in your drunken or drugged life. If you're not a drug addict or alcoholic, read it with an open mind. This book puts this horrific lifestyle of despair and desperation into perspective in the most elegant and explanative way to help a "non-user" understand just what goes on in the mind of a (very typical) drunk and/or drugger who's in the deepest depths of their mind to the point of no return. This book is PROOF that the author is in recovery (or recovered) because no one in active use could POSSIBLY recount these stories with such fine details; it's amazing he was able to recount them (with dates and times) at all.

    An 11 out of 10 to me. An "AMAZING" story, so perfectly written, holding nothing back and telling his honest "life" story as it was regardless of what the pop-culture reviewers or critics have to say.

    Oh, did I say it was Amazing?
  • dennis hickey - I can now sleep in some 15 minutes each morning!Slicing bananas was like shucking clams with a corkscrew for most of my family! Then I found this....The 571b (no Wi-Fi ) was truly manna from above.Once I returned from the ER with 247 stitches from yanking it from the box....Long story...I must say morning Weaties« prep is a breeze! All I can say is " Where the hell have I been" ? FYI DO NOT USE THIS IN FRONT OF A PET CHIMPANZEE! Holy cow he was pissed ! After the surgeons re attached my hands feet & my "junk" they were all laughing about my plight just before the I went under to endure my 16 hour procedure! It would of been nice to see a banana yellow warning label ! Charger cable isn't very long !
  • Renee D. - Pricy but very effective. Check Costco and Amazon both before buying.I used these after getting a water-borne illness while abroad and taking Cipro. Even after the initial sickness was cured, I kept having recurring awful stomach pains. My doctor said there wasn't much to do besides take probiotics, and recommended this brand in particular. I started feeling better after about a full pack, kept taking them for 3 months. Highly recommend. You can sometimes find them at Costco, but Amazon is often the best price.