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  • Amazon Customer - Gave as a giftMy wife to be loves this thing. Uses it all the time. Ridiculously so. Definitely recommend opting for the Lifetime Maps version of this model. Well worth it. One disclaimer, when setting your destination it helps not to be driving. It takes a long time to acquire a satellite signal if you're on the move.
  • Kelly F - It Works!This diet is working for me! I've been following it for two weeks now and have lost 7lbs. Your best bet is to preplan what you are going to eat on the weekend before you start otherwise you are constantly looking in the book to see what you can have. You also can have all the groceries you need on hand. The Turkey Chili recipe is great! Phase 1 is pretty good because you can have lots of fruit and grains (normally off limits if you've ever low carbed). Phase 2 is hardest for me but the stuffed pepper recipe is good! You will look forward to Phase 3. You almost feel like you are cheating. I think that's what helps keep you going. I was desperate and really wanted this to work - and it did! Also, for those of you who drink coffee - I drank coffee all day long, every day for years! I went cold turkey and it wasn't what I expected. I did take a few ibuprofen (which I don't know if your allowed) but the headache went away after two days. The fruit helps! If you feel like nothing will work for you, try this!