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  • C. Nelson "Cinni" - Great PriceMy boyfriend thinks this game console is wonderful! It easily syncs to android devices and usb. It has lots of data storage and the graphics are excellent. The price and everything is worth it. He is still thanking for this gift; six months later! Also, this was at the time the best bundle for the price. Other places were 3 and 4 times more expensive and had less in their bundles.
  • Deborah Idol - This book saved my life!A little over six years ago I was one day away from death, according to my doctors, when I was finally hospitalized for ulcerative colitis. At that point, I'd been extremely sick for years, hadn't eaten much for a long time, had eaten nothing for two months, and could no longer hold down the tea with honey and salt I'd been living on. A doctor who had watched my colonoscopy had gasped with horror at the picture on the screen. My eminent doctors would come into my hospital room every day to tell me that I'd better be realistic and accept the fact that I was going to be an extremely sick woman for the rest of my life, and would constantly be on drugs such as Prednisone (I was hooked up to IV Prednisone in the hospital) and Cyclosporin. They predicted that the drugs would stop working, I would eventually end up having surgery to remove my colon, and then, if all went well, another surgery to reattach the small intestine in order to avoid having to use a bag for the rest of my life. The doctors told me to concentrate on white bread, pasta and rice, plus other low residue foods to try to minimize symptoms, but they did emphasize that diet made absolutely no difference in the course of the disease.I had been inhaling Prednisone for my asthma for years and already had serious side effects from it. The high dose IV Prednisone that took me four months from which to taper permanently damaged my vocal cords, and I'm still fighting some of the effects of the drug. I would not have survived much longer if I'd kept taking Prednisone, as my immune system, always very weak, didn't seem to function at all while I was on it. And many of the side effects were so unbearable that survival, even for someone who loves life as much as I, didn't seem quite as desirable if Prednisone would be a constant feature of my life.Miraculously, a couple months after I got out of the hospital, I heard Elaine Gottschall talking about her book on Dr. Ronald Hoffman's radio show. Therefore, instead of going further downhill from drugs with such serious side effects, and continuing to suffer as my doctors had predicted, I started on the road to recovery.The Specific Carbohydrate Diet may be difficult to follow at first, especially for people who have not been used to cooking. However, it is a miracle for those with IBD (or other intestinal problems), and has even helped people with conditions that would not seem, on the face of it, to be related to the gut. To say it's worth the effort to follow this diet would be a vast understatement. Giving up some foods in exchange for a life free of drugs, surgery and debilitating illness seems like more than a fair exchange to me. In fact, this is not a diet of deprivation, as the allowed foods are delicious and the diet is extremely nutritious. There are wonderful recipes in the book (and in *Lucy's Specific Carbohydrate Diet Cookbook* by Lucy Rosset), and many conventional recipes can be altered to be SCD legal. For those who need more information, there is an excellent, official BreakingTheViciousCycle site, with help for those starting out, an excellent FAQ, and more.Finding Elaine Gottschall's book was a miracle, and it has saved my life. Thank you, Elaine!
  • Phillip Nash - Killing Jesus is a great readIt is historical and brings you to the reality of how difficult and brutal things were at that time. For instance crucifying on a cross and beheadings were normal punishment after being lashed with a whip for traitors except for the Romans. Taxes were extreme and that there was a 100% tax on lamp oil which would be equivalent to a 100 % on gas or fuel oil today. Even in these ridiculous political times, we don't realize how fortunate we are in America.