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  • Becky "just me" - Long Term SuccessI purchased this book in 1999. I have lived on this diet for the last two-three years. Within the first two months I dropped 30 pounds and as long as I follow the principles that this book taught, I keep it off. I have learned how to control my body from this in a way that I never could before. From age 12 on my sizes increased with my age until I was 21 (although technically at 21 I was a 22W). I was huge and miserable. This book changed my life. I wish the whole world could learn what I have learned about the way our bodies work. It would make for happier people. I am now a size 10 which is where I want to be. I recommend this to anyone who wants to change their life for the better. It is not a diet in the traditional sense, it is a way of life that can lead to healthful happiness. You have to try and you have to follow it and you have to let go of all the nonsense that the FDA has been trying to cram down our throats for years, but you will have results.
  • ReBeccaDG4 - NFL 2013 Android EditionMy husband enjoyed playing the game and upgrading his favorite team. He has been playing football since Madden first came out in the 90's and he has not thrown the tablet so it must work well
  • Heather W - Great Grill!!!This is our first grill, and wow- pretty outstanding, in my opinion! We didn't need a bunch of frilly add-on's, or even a huge sized grill. this is perfect for the two of us, or while entertaining a small get-together! Infrared delivers even heat overall, makes for GREAT STEAKS!! Easy assembly. Definitely worth the investment!