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  • Power Guy2 - Got a great Used one!Oct 11,2011 I recieved my USED book from a good ol in your state only store. Nearly new, cause the binding had 1 small
    crease and corners litely ruffed up. Also the price WOW $45+, below all earths book stores price, even lower then renting costs.
    Ok, read the details and buy a used one if you need it like me.
  • mmfmom - Great chalkAfter reading reviews, I couldn't believe that there is that much difference in chalk. Well, while waiting for this chalk to arrive, I purchase some regular chalk from drug store and I am a firm believer now that there IS a difference. This chalks writes better, erases better and makes less dust. I'm sold! Will buy again.
  • Dan "Rccfrosty" - Fits Like a GloveReceived today, very fast delivery. Installation took 30 minutes. Pay attention to the right and left marking on the mounting parts and you not have any problems. The 2 bars are different lengths, no way to install them incorrectly. The roof rack looks like original equipment. Seems to be very sturdy.
  • gabby - An Amazing BookThis book is absolutely amazing and for those who are giving this book bad reviews are somehow completely misinterpreting what David Platt was trying to say. I have never read a book that contained such honesty about our society and american christianity. The fact of the matter is David is teaching Jesus. Christians are suppose to reflect Jesus the founder of our faith but most of us don't what so ever. David is trying to get the reader to see what our main focus needs to be. I hope people will give this book a chance and allow the Holy Spirit to show you the truth and challenge that can be found in this book. This book has brought back a passion for God in my life and has helped me fill in what I felt was deeply missing in my christianity.