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  • Jeremy Helbing - A fun toy that my daughter and son both enjoyMy 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son both really like this toy. It is not as easy to use or quiet like they make it appear in the commercial. There is a plug on the base that you must hook up to the fairy to charge it. When it is done charging you disconnect the plug from the fairy and then turn it's power switch to the on position. The fairy will not charge if it's power switch is not in the off position. This is the part my kids have problems with. After the fairy is charged and it's power is turned on it is easy for kids to use. All they have to do is press the button and the fairy takes flight. It tends to fly strait up and hit the ceiling then lowers down slowly until comes close to something below it. When it senses something below it the engine speeds up and it goes higher again. My kids really like enjoy making it fly around the room. If it hits something it will fall to the ground and then shut off. If you are able you can grab it by the legs and then hit the button on the base twice and it will shut down.

    It is better for younger kids than a remote controlled helicopter because it hovers and they can make it fly higher by simply putting a hand beneath it. What would make the product perfect is if you could simply turn on the base and the fairy started charging. However for a toy we got on sale for $35 I guess you can't have everything.

    Oh and it states quite clearly on the box that this toy is NOT for outdoor use. I would suggest you follow these instructions. The fairy will fly quite high when it first launches and even the air blowing from our AC vents can push it easily around the room. Outside this thing could end up stuck on a roof or in a tree very easily.
  • sonibill - You will only have buyers remorse while it is being shipped...Went back and forth for about 4 months trying to decide to buy a mini or wait or buy a nook or wait or buy a kindle or so on... there are just so many tablets to choose from. Went ahead and invested in a 64gb model which I wouldn't normally do. Happy I did. The ipad goes with me everywhere and consolidates everything I need to do on my laptop as well as providing me much needed entertainment/productivity while I am on contract living in American Samoa. Yes, it can get boring here on the island and the iPad mini lets me read the news, ponder books, study topics, communicate, and basically feel connected to everywhere else in the world. Did I have buyers remorse? Only during the 2 weeks I had to wait for it to get here to the island---now I'm trying to think of a reason to get a black one too. :)
  • real woman "anna" - This is what you want...when you're looking for something GOOD to read. I am a discerning reader and sift through mounds of garbage on the library and store book shelves in search of something intelligently written and emotionally satisfying. This is one of about 3 books I have read this year that was REALLY good. I'm glad to have discovered this author.

    I find it interesting and touching that the heart of the book centers around her relationship with her brother. Her parents, neighbors, school chums, husband, children, and other minor characters come in and out of the chapters, but her relationship with Gabe seems to be the anchor of her life and of the story. How nice it would be if we all remembered our brother so fondly. But that's what good novels are about to some of us... discovering loving relationships in the pages that we missed out on in real life.