Aquarius Medical Clinic - Home - Aquarius medical clinic offers Family practice with urgent/walk-in services. Urgent care includes suturing of wounds, sudden illness or injury assessments. Family practice is full spectrum service which includes: maternity care, newborn health with vaccinations, pediatrics, women's health, and adult/geriatric medicine. Aquarius is a teaching clinic affiliated with UBC Faculty of Medicine and St. Paul's Hospital located in Yaletown Vancouver BC.

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 77092 Houston, Texas

  • Adrian - Microsoft Officeis the bazooka in the world of office software. Most of us only need a BB gun, but why not have the power available just in case? I'm a long time (since the late 80's) PC user recently come over to the Macintosh world and this was my first Mac software purchase. I was surprised and pleased to find out how similar the Mac version is to the Windows software I'm used to. Moving files from one platform and also Google docs to my Mac was surprisingly trouble free.

    Amazon's software store makes the management of your downloads simple. No more having to look for discs and license codes if you need to reinstall the software, Amazon keeps them all handy for you.
  • "Constantine" "" - Ayurveda and FoodThis book is great. I read it and coupled it with an alternative medicine text called "Ayurveda: A Comprehensive Guide to Traditional Indian Medicine for the West" by Yale psychiatrist, Frank John Ninivaggi MD. I highly recommend both books for a comprehensive understanding of food and health.
  • Sara Werner - here's how to do itOk, this stuff is great. I've been taking this every day for the last 3 months, I feel good and have lost 20 lbs because it gives you energy and keeps you feeling full for a long time. The disadvantage is the taste, but don't let that deter you.
    Here is how you do it:
    1- Buy a larger shaker bottle
    2- Add a small amount of juice
    3- Add a larger amount of water and ice (more liquid to powder ratio than the instructions say or it gets too thick)
    4- Add 2 scoops of raw meal
    5- Shake shake shake shake
    6- Pour a shot sized amount in a glass
    7- Chug it
    8- Repeat 6 and 7 until gone (do it fast or it will get thick!)

    Try it! It totally works.
  • Garry Reese - Sketch Book ProI use autocad and did not really think this would be that great but I bought it for my daughter to play with on my computer. After installing this product I have found with a Wacom, this is not only a fun product for the kids to use, but also I also enjoy useing it. When I was showing a photo of a part I was redrawing at work this program popped up with the photo, my Supervisor saw how clear it was and ordered one for himself.