Arbor Medical Group, LLC. - Arbor Medical Group, LLC., is a three office medical practice affiliated with Norwalk Hospital with offices in Norwalk, Georgetown, and Wilton, Connecticut.

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 80202 Denver, Colorado

  • acgamecox - Best mobile game by far!It's the best mobile game and the best online baseball game since MLB Dugout Heroes. I've been looking for a baseball game since Dugout heroes went offline and had been extremely disappointed. There is some room to expand and improve the game but it beats all other options, especially facebook baseball games, hands down.
  • ~TrademarkP~ "TradeMarkPlayers..96' til" - No regrets!First off, I got the Prime because I wanted a tablet and didn't want an iPad. So I did some research and it looked like the prime was the proverbial "next best thing." Once it arrived I was impressed right out of the box. I have had it for a few weeks now, and I can say I regret nothing. The TF300 came out right after I ordered it for a hundy less, and looks like, if you are willing to make sacrifices in the storage and display dept., a pretty good deal. But back to the TransPrime. The display is remarkable. The form factor is comfortable and gorgeous, even though there are a few changes I'd make (power button placement being #1). The sound is some of the best I've heard on a portable device, crisp and clear. The tab comes with ASUS WebStorage (8GB free) and being an Android device you also have access to the Google Drive Cloud (another free 8 GB). So if you have a WiFi signal you'll be money in the drive department. Speaking of, a lot of people gripe about the metal back and connectivity issues. I've had none, so far but ASUS will throw in a GPS dongle pro bono. In the case I bought for it, it's about the size of a Harry Potter Hardcover and half the depth, so if you can carry a book with you you can carry the tablet. I would recommend it (or the TF300) to any tablet shoppers.
  • Meniyka Kiravell - from sceptic to artistI downloaded Artist's way back in Oct 2012, but while reading reviews I got distracted and read 'Power of the Other Hand'. (Power of the other hand blew my mind and got me out of the 'artist closet.') I finally got around to The Artist Way and just finished the 12 week program today. When I started it I thought...Ok I know I'm an artist but how can I possibly do what I dream and I'm so different from others I highly doubt this book can do for me what it has done for others. Well while writing this- I'm listening to the first album I've written in over a decade...And it's better than I could have hoped. I think that's because I started to experience what this book hopes to shine a light on. Allowing creativity to flow around and through you inspite of doubt, fear and excuses. This book blows my mind in terms of what it can do for one's life. Julia Cameron is an engaging, delightful writer who often strikes gold with her metaphors... true sometimes the puns etc are a bit overdone- and at times there's a trace of sappiness, but I'm intuiting part of that reaction is just my feeling uncomfortable around such openness, sensitivity and emotion. Thank you JC...
    -Another mind opened
  • L. Kirchhoff "Lucy21" - Easy to install!I bought and installed this on my brand new iMac. It was very simple and I just followed the prompts. It took about an hour start to finish with a lot of down time for me in the middle. The program is perfect (well, as perfect as it can be) and exactly what I expected. I would purchase this again in a heart beat.