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  • Jeff Switzer - InvaluableI buy this book and Turbo Tax every year. I find it too hard to get information from the instructions included in Turbo Tax so I use this book at a ready reference.

    I also use this book at times throughout the year. Just this week I helped a friend understand the ins and outs of filing as "Head of Household."
  • Kris B - Do not sell to crazy doctor.We sold this to a crazy doctor in exchange for a bomb. Instead of a working bomb, we received a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts. Next time we see that doctor he's a dead man.
  • QuickView - I love it when a Hot Wheels is this awesome!!As you might know I'm a huge A-Team fan and when I first saw this van, I just had to have it. And, it doesn't disappoint in the least bit.

    Pros: The Van is solid black with the red racing stripe going around. The windows are a transparent blue and the rims are a beautiful metallic red. The paint apps are very good, with the exception of the left tail-light.

    Cons: The collectors and scalpers have obviously bought all these vans and it is probably next to impossible to find one in stores. So, I recommend finding one online for a fair price.

    Without doubt, this van is definitely worth adding to your collection. It's a must have for any die-hard A-Team fan.