Artane Montessori Circle - Learn Play and Grow Preschool Education - The Artane Montessori Circle is a montessori preschool based in the Artane/ Beaumont Recreational Centre on the Kilmore Road situated in Dublin 5.

Country: Europe, IE, Ireland

City: Dublin, Dublin City

  • manperson - Thank You BIC!For most of our marriage I have been weighed down by "man tasks." Opening jars. Fetching things off the top shelf. Explaining stuff (NFL, NBA, NATO, etc...). And writing words. I've heard it so many times "Oh I just can't write with that non-gender pen..." and so I'm left jotting down shopping lists for lavender candles, feather dusters, and baby kittens. But no more!

    Thank you BIC for giving back my "me time." Here's hoping that a feminine plunger is in the works. Maybe some taffeta on the handle?
  • Ck - Awesome productA life saver, in my country the doctor does it for us and it hurts like hell... This product does its job... I recommend it... So good..
  • Terri "3kids-at-home" - Soul SurferI bought this book in the paper back version for my fifth grader. She loved the book and wrote a book report on it. This is a true account written by Bethany Hamilton. She wrote her thoughts down, and a writer wrote the story for her. It's a great book of encouragement and faith by her whole family. Her father and mother and both her brothers are wonderful people. Bethany is a lucky girl to be alive, and have a wonderful family. She is also selling parfumes for boys and girls that are shaped like surf boards. Soon a movie is going to be made about this story. I am dying to see it, and compare it to her book. This is a wonderful story, read it, and you won't be sorry. Bethany is a very brave girl, and an encouragement to us all! I wonder though, if they were avid surfers, didn't they know that you shouldn't surf so early, when sharks come in to feed? The water was calm and glassy, not even the kind one would want to try and surf in. Only God would know.....
  • Tim K - One of the Best!'The Moral Landscape' is a wonderful book! It shines light on how science can help us determine how we should live our lives! Harris makes a compelling case that there are many different ways to be happy, but that there are some ways that do not make for positive human flourishing. He says that like the definition of health, the definition of what good changes, but that does not mean we don't have an objective way of evaluating claims of human happiness, the same that we know what constitutes bad health.

    Harris, through reasoned arguments, shows us that many of the hinderences of a science of morality are brought about through general ignorance not thinking through the issues at hand.

    Sam's book should be read by any thinking person, and especially by those who think morality cannot be derived without religious undertones. Harris' views give new light to old philosophical issues, and I for one am glad for it.
  • Jaber - That's Fermat's Last PROOF now, thanks to Denon!This marvelous piece of wire not only clarifies the most compressed mp3's while unlogging your intertubes! No more silly elliptic curves, Taniyama-Shimura conjectures or Galois representations. Yes, it's true - it proves Fermat's Last for ALL prime numbers greater than 2, some irrational numbers and pi. Just set it and forget it!