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  • K. Soares - Greatest Tablet EverIt built very solidly, it smooth and light with a brightness almost blinding. This is with out a doubt the greatest tablet on the market, and running ICS makes it almost impossibly amazing Tegra 3 runs so fast I sometimes so track of time, I'm playing this game while browsing the web, while watching youtube. This is True multitasking. I doubt there's anything this tablet can't do. It already runs fast then most netbooks, and low end laptops. This is a true iPad killer.
  • NobodysFool - "Lady Pen" support and adviseHoping I can get a little support and feedback. I gave my daughter these pens for her 13th Birthday - I wanted to acknowlege that my little girl was growing up and thought a "Lady Pen" would be the PERFECT gift - plus, I began to worry that if she kept using those heavy Man Pens, she might begin to get large finger muscles, and then a wedding band from a nice doctor would NEVER fit on her ring finger! Anyways, she opened my gift, took one diamond encrusted pen out of the pack, threw it on the floor and ran out of the room crying. I ran after her, but she slammed the door in my face. Later, she slipped a note under my door - hoping for an apology, all I found was an advertisement for something called "Lez-B-Pens", 2 pens in a pack. I had no IDEA which was the "lady pen" and which was the 'man pen". They seemed equal in all respects...which confused ME, you can imagine! How did my daughter decide which pen to use when paying the bills and which one was for shopping?? There was a note at the bottom from my daughter. It said simply "I wanted to tell you sooner, Mom. Ive been usng these pens for a year now." Sigh. I secretly tried the Lez-B-Pen later that evening. I have to admit - I got more done with that pen in one hour than I have with my Lady Pens all year!!