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  • Naturally - Product needs a more feminine name.I have a desk drawer full of uncomfortably huge, embarrassingly male coloured phallus-like Ball Pens, all sitting there useless now that I am the proud owner of a lady's version. Bic have made up for the sexist handwriting implement market's ongoing inherent sexism with this wonderful feminine product. But alas, alack! What of the name? The word pens is still in use, and no amount of adding the word "ladies" or "womens" in front of it will take away from the fact that PENS is too masculine. How can women possibly be expected to write with PENS when the word is inherently masculine, but one little vowel away from a word sure to make a woman blush (hint: the letter is i)? How can she possibly be seen holding a PEN in public, knowing that the entire handwriting implement market is laughing at her expense? And don't even let's get started on BALL pens. Pure Filth.

    I call for a womancott of handwriting implements with sexist names. If all housewives stop purchasing PENS for their busy and important menfolk, the world of stationary will surely see that what is needed is not a Bic Cristal for Her Ball Pen, but a Bic Cristel For Her Women's Wand.
  • Maggie Sandcliffe - Exceptional InformationThis book was hands down the best thing I have read during pregnancy. It gave me fair, balanced information and helped me advocate during my pregnancy for the appropriate tests and care I needed.
    Despite what some of the one-star reviews contend (and I seriously doubt most of these reviewers have read a single page of the book, let alone it cover to cover) this book does not advocate "drinking" or any other behaviour during pregnancy. It is not a guide book of what you can and can't do. Rather it is a wealth of information on the results of medical and scientific studies that allow the reader to come to their own conclusions about what is right for her (and her partner) and her baby-to-be during pregnancy. No one reading a thick book by an economist is looking for an excuse to go engage in reckless behaviour; a reader of this kind of book is looking for the best up-to-date information to guide their decisions about what is best for mother and baby during pregnancy.
    The only thing this book specifically advocates for is mothers (and their partners) who are educated about the options and risks during pregnancy.
    The book answers all the questions that other pregnancy books gloss over with saccharine cliches. This book is respectful of the reader's intelligence--something most pregnancy books seem to completely dismiss.
    It is not only the sections on how to evaluate the dangers of food, environment and, yes, substances, but also the depth at which Oster takes up birth practices and medical interventions.
    My only disappointment with it, and it is not one I hold her accountable for but rather based on my own position as a reader, is that it makes certain assumptions about midwives which are true for the United States but do not transfer to Canadian experience.

    I will be buying this book and gifting it each time a friend gets pregnant because it is the only book that treats pregnant women with this kind of respect and offers such amazing information.
  • Douglas Dodds "greyhound" - Fine tax software, yet againI've been using H&R Block At Home (formerly TaxCut) for years, and have generally been very happy. It has gotten incrementally better each year. This year was no exception. It was easy to use, better than before in a few places. I finished my taxes in just a couple of days (after my wife and I did the tedious part -- assembling all the expenses and deductions in ready-to-enter form). It's a good product, consistent and getting better. I got it at a great price this year. I only wish they could figure out how to reduce the cost of e-filing the state taxes...
  • Badback - Great ValueI purchased this bike to ride the dirt and gravel roads in southern New Hampshire. I'm an experienced road cyclist and long time racer - but I'm amazed how much you get for $700 in this bike. I've paid more than that (much more!)for a single race wheel. Nice hydro-formed aluminum frame, sturdy carbon fork, and decent components that just work. So far, I've been bashing around on our dirt and gravel back roads without incident. As another reviewer pointed out, the stem is designed for racing. I installed an inexpensive stem riser and shorter stem -- a small expense considering the low cost of the bike. You will also need some skill and experience putting the bike together. Lacking those skills, you may have to go to a local bike shop for help -- something they will no be very happy about.
    PS: I saw this bike first on sale at Performance bike -- but the Amazon price was $200 less. Performance offered to price match; but refused to match Amazon Primes free 2 day shipping. Duh!
  • Jen PL. - Great Gift PurchaseArrived as expected. Son loved it when he opened box as one of his Christmas gifts. Immediately played it and found no scratch nor damage on the cd. This vendor priced it competitively and thankfully no mishap or mistake in shipping wrong cd inside the box! Otherwise, it could have been a different Christmas scenario. In summary, this purchase went well as planned.