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  • Squash 'N' Squeak "The Silencing Machine" - Awesome Floyd album but it's not the right choice for a 1st Pink Floyd album.This is undoubtedly a classic from Pink Floyd but it's not an easy listening. Dark Side is an easy listening and is easy to digest. It's just that The Wall is so intense for a 1st listener of PF that he/she may be turned off of The Wall and Pink Floyd in general. I suggest starting with Dark Side, Wish, or animals when 1st getting into Floyd. Anyway, about the album. It's a great album and there's a great concept to it, you can listen to most of the songs in general without once thinking about the plot. May I suggest Mother, ABITW pt2, Waiting For The Worms, The Trial, Run Like Hell, Comfortably Numb, Bring The Boys Back Home, Goodbye Blue Sky, Hey You, and Young Lust(No particular order).

    The only things I don't like about this album is that the keyboard playing from Rick doesn't really stand out(Like On Wish You Were Here), and half of the drumming on The Wall, for whatever reason, isn't done by Nick(like the chilling drums on Bring The Boys Back Home). Nonetheless, it's a great album for Pink Floyd fans, and like I said, new Pink Floyd fans should start out with Dark Side. The album is pretty expensive(My copy was $40) but it's totally worth it.
  • Carol "Carol" - ExcellentThis is a great source of "food" for my mom who has trouble swallowing anything that is not pureed. We add some of her prescribed tablets after it been crushed and she gets it down with no problem of getting the pill stuck in her throat.
  • D. Mataconis - Norton Once Again Tops In SecurityWhen I first started using computer security products, my first choice were the products that Norton offered thanks to their reputation. This was back in the 1990s, and I continued using their products, updating faithfully, for many years. At some point in the mid-2000s, something went wrong. Norton's product became a resource hog. Even if it was providing security, it was making my computer nearly unusable. So, I eventually migrated to McAfee and stayed there for several years.

    Then, I ended up getting a laptop infected with a rootkit virus that went undetected. I was able to eliminate it, but it happened again. And then again. So, I went shopping and saw the great reviews that this product was getting. I bought it, installed it, and not only did it eliminate problems that previous protection had failed to stop, but it has successfully blocked several attacks. And as far as computer resources go, it's almost like the program isn't running.

    I cannot recommend this product more highly.