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  • Mammy - A Book That Makes One Contemplate The PossibilitiesJeannie's book creates an intriguing dot-to-dot of her adult life ... bringing readers from her upscale NYC writing career to life as a Lavender Farmer in the Texas Hill Country. While she could have easily settled with the "velvet coffin" of her impressive career, she felt pulled towards marriage and motherhood ... which brought her unexpected and uncomfortable compromise, but even greater unexpected surprise and joy. Jeannie's is a story that encourages people to leave their comfort zones from time to time, to let go, to let fate take over ... and then to enjoy the unfolding of life.

    A wonderful page-turner.
  • Kelly Katula - A great resource for finding a medical school.This is a great guide for comparing medical schools in the US and Canada. It has admission reqirements, dates, contacts, scholarship levels, costs...... Recommended for anyone considering a medical education.
  • DWARFBUG - An amazing device that outputs quality picture and surround sound.This device is amazing and well worth it. I used to dislike streaming because I could not receive good quality and was only in stereo, with a lot of research, this was one of the devices that do both 1080p and 5.1 surround sound. Don't forget to set the device for the picture quality and surround in the preferences settings, the default is 720p and stereo. We have been using it for a few days now, and it's amazing. Netflix is amazing quality with surround sound, so good in fact, I don't feel compelled to go out to rent blu rays, although blue ray does have better quality surround and pic, but the point is, it passes my quality pickiness. Amazon prime streaming is also amazing and in surround. One thing to remember if you are wanting the quality when buying this, you will need a rather new AV receiver with HDMI capable of processing Dolby Digital Plus (Netflix) and Dolby Digital (Amazon). Haven't tried any other streaming except those 2, but that's all we needed. The remote app for the phone is very nice also, the nicest feature is having a keyboard to do searches with from the phone. Very, very nice device, it just works. Must be setup online, once that's done, it's a snap. You will not be disappointed if you are like me and want a quality picture with surround sound.