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  • Dave of HV - Nice design, Good constructionThis is a really nicely designed laptop bag. Has all the nooks, crannies, and organizers to hold all your wires, power supplies, phones, etc. I especially like the power supply storage since it is conveniently located at the bottom of the bag and is accessible without opening the main bag. Same is true for the laptop compartment. Finally, if you travel, you do not have to take out the laptop at the TSA security checkpoint because the bag opens in a way that is TSA approved for scanning.

    I originally purchased the Timbuk2 Commute 2.0 but it didn't fit my laptop. Make sure you go to the Timbuk2 web site and measure your laptop accordingly to ensure it fits in this or any other of the laptop bags. The sizing is correct - I just thought I could squeeze a few more inches out of the bag but there isn't the tolerance for that.
  • R. Dubber - BEST EVER!!!This is the BEST antiperspirant I have ever used, period... My wife saw it on the Rachel Ray show and told me about it. I have had a problem with sweat for many years for some unknown reason. I am not a nervous type of person, most would say quite the opposite if anything. I was always an active person and an avid workout nut and runner. I could run 4 miles and not even break a sweat. One day in my thirties, I just started to sweat a lot under my arms at almost anytime, without even exerting any physical activity. It is really embarrassing if you suffer from this condition they call it hyperhydrosis. It became worse and worse and I tried every antiperspirant I could find. Some helped a little, but the ones that worked the best would rub off on your shirts and get hard and show a white ring that is almost impossible to wash from your clothing.

    I considered the medical solutions for the problem, which included injections and even surgical procedures to stop, kill, or trick the nerves that trigger the sweat glands. These procedures are costly and not always work as one would hope. Side effects can be nasty and even if the procedure stops your sweat under your arms, you could trigger the nerves to signal the sweat glands in another part of your body like your face, back, chest, hands, etc. I decided to try the Hydronics under arm machines that use moist pads to send electrical current into the nerves and somehow change the nerve signals. These machines work great, however they are very uncomfortable to wear and use. Depending on they severity of your problem, you may need to wear these for 15 to 30 minutes a day. They work great, but are a real pain in the neck to use and costly to maintain.

    Along came Sweat Block and it is easy to use along with inexpensive. It has controlled my sweat problems and makes me feel comfortable all day and it smells good too. It works for me and everyone I have told about it, you should give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Thank you Sweat Block and thank you Amazon for making easy to get. I only wish you would package it in larger quantity box.
  • Sonar77 - Replaced my Apple TV UnitI purchased this unit a year after I bought an Apple TV. The primary reason was that the Roku 3 unit offers the Amazon Prime app which the Apple TV doesn't. I was told initially that Apple was in the process of adding more apps to its list of viewer options. After I found out the Amazon and Apple do not like to work together, I looked for another live streaming option. The unit is easy to hook up whether you have a wired or wireless condition. The remote has a great plug-in feature for your headset or ear buds which mutes the TV's speaker, so as not to disturb others. The one feature I wish this unit had, which the Apple TV has is the ability to clone your smartphone or iPhone display onto the TV. Other than this missing option, I would recommend this product for its well thought out design, functionality and price.