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  • Ttlove - The best ever!!I was a little down because I missed the show in Charlotte NC only to find out she was going to be here in Greensboro. I don't think I will ever witness another concert that will top this one!! We got free upgraded seats which made it even better. I enjoyed John Legend but I was waiting all of my adult life to finally see this band live and it was one of the best nights of my life. Certainly something I checked off of my bucket list. The band is awesome, Sades voice is like smooth warm silk and the visuals were breath taking! I am excited about this release!!!
  • David L. Smith - The One Minute CureThis is a book everyone that likes living in good health needs to read. This could be the difference in Life and Death for you. If you are tired of the poor treatment you are receiving from your doctors then read this book. It seems that all our doctors know to do is have you placed on another medication of some kind. The side effects of the medicines we receive (for our Health) is enough to kill you many times Get to know what H2O2 can do for you. As usual when I heard about "The One Minute Cure" I went to amazon and read some reviews and bought my book. If you enjoy good health, you need to read this book. This is made up of the elements God gave us for healing.

    David Smith
  • Few "Gunn Chief" - Renews faith in human strength of faithStraight forward story from an innocent teenage girl of horrible loss and the family strength to overcome and succeeded her loss of an entire left arm to a shark. This story illustrates the strength and support of faith without being preachy. Her idyllic life could have been destroyed save for her family, friends and faith.
  • icemom - Labeling is addictiveThis is my second personal labeler. I have another that I left at my mother's, but I couldn't wait to visit her again to retrieve it. And look at the color. This one goes better in my study than the gray one. That's my excuse for buying it, anyway.

    I pooh-poohed labelers for a long time as being a tool for the anal retentive, but my co-workers sat me down and had a labeling intervention when I moved offices. I am a convert. My files are beautiful now, not sloppy. My home office bins look great and I can find items. My husband can find the right kind of screw in the tiny bins in the garage. My spices, my batteries, and my basement are all better because of this labeler.

    So, really. I *had* to buy the red one, right? I think I'll give my other one to my daughter, who has a labeling addiction and isn't above swiping my machine for days at a time. Again, another good reason for me to splurge on a second machine.

    I would recommend this product to friends and/or stage a labeling intervention.
  • MekoRush - The transformer prime> New ipad(3) still #1 tabletwell it's true. Yes you have 4g but woohoo i have a phone with 4g no loss here. The prime has so many features and can handle pc games(stream over wifi) and the controls are top notch. It has bluetooth you can use your mouse/wireless keyboard to make it feel like a laptop. This thing is ultra fast. I choose this over the ipad 2 and ever since I've had it I used my laptop less. I get about 10 hours of web browsing a day. Get this if you want something sleek and fast and has lots of power in a slim device.