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  • R. Allen - No complaints, and best price is here on Amazon!Have two adults around and three hours to assemble this item. Read the directions and don't assume you know anything about what it's supposed to look like....preconceived notions. Don't try to work ahead of the directions or you'll be taking things back apart and doing it again. The assembly is not rocket science, but it's a lot more than opening a box and adding batteries too. There was more work for me in leveling the unit after assembly than the assembly itself. And yes, leveling is pretty important. I suggest digging down in the high sides instead of scotching up the lower sides....much neater and your anchors will work better. And for God's sake, anchor the trampoline to the ground or you'll have yourself a 15' parachute next time a big storm comes through!! I have no regrets or complaints about the trampoline so far. Great outside activity and good exercise.
  • Y. Lo - It seems to be working after 6 monthsI'm 33, Asian, my top crown area started to thin about since a year and half ago. Didn't want to go for any chemical drugs because I didn't want to mess up my kidney/body by their side effect. Also the sex drive side effect is very scary. I also looked at Rogaine but I was afraid of the heart-beat side effect because I'm a very devoted soccer player. I just can't stop playing soccer for any reason. So I decided to give this hairmax a try. $550, not very cheap but I can afford it for a chance, why not, right?!

    Started using it since March 2008, 3 times/week, 15 minutes each. From April thru mid June my hair GOT WORSE, lost more hair, and the top crown part had a clear 'hole', the horseshoe style. (I kept taking pictures to monitor the results) so i wondered why and did some research on the internet and found that it's called 'shedding' period,it happens to some folks and i was one of the 'lucky' guys, but it was actually a good sign of new hair is about to grow out.. Oh well I had already begun using it so I thought to myself if I stopped there I'd have lost the hair and didn't have a chance to get anything back.

    So I kept using it. From mid July til now, mid Sept, I'd say that it clearly shows good re-grow of the hair, the crown hair has thicken and I could see many baby hair were there too. Very thrilled about the result, didn't think it actually works!! I'll keep using it until my comb dies, then I'll buy another one! Another tip is sulfate free shampoo, I highly recommend you guys start using sulfate free shampoo, just use any brand, doesn't matter. Sulfate really kills your hair.

    Oh one thing I forgot to mention is that hairmax also made my hair looks healthy from day-one, that was also one of the reasons why i kept using it even the shedding occurred.

    So the conclusion is, it took about 6 months for the hairmax comb to work on me, so if yours doesn't seem to work for you in the first 2-3 months, or even 5,6 months, KEEP USING IT. THe result wasn't crazily good like the before/after pictures shown on their website, but it is certainly good enough to keep me a happy customer and I'll certainly keep using it!