Benicar Recall | Levin Papantonio - Benicar (Olmesartan medoxomil), a blood pressure-controlling medication manufactured by Daiichi Sankyo, has recently come under scrutiny for allegedly causi

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  • K. Groh - Small Footprint, Great Flexibility, Easy to UseOur laptop has limited USB ports and two of the four are on the 'mouse' side so any cords plugged in there tend to get in the way. But let's face it, there are usually some thumb drives, a wireless mouse receiver, a laptop speaker, an iPod cable, etc. that are all vying for the limited USB ports (not to mention all the charging cables for phones and Kindles).

    This USB hub is the perfect way to expand your availability without compromising transfer speed or functionality of devices.

    It is not self powered so it has to be plugged in to your electrical outlet. It has a small blue power light indicating that the unit is working. And there are four USB ports which quickly recognized all of the devices I tested including a wireless Verbatim mouse receiver. I've also charged a Plantronics headset and my Droid Incredible 4G phone, both without any trouble.

    It did have trouble with our iPod but the speaker, flash drives, etc. all worked without fail.

    If your devices are connected properly the unit shows a blue light for each port that has power and a connection.

    A great unit to add to increase your USB availability for most products.

    I was provided a unit for evaluation and review.
  • J. Coyle - FiveLac works great!I've tried several products for Candida and this one is the best. It is easy to use and tastes good. I especially needed something for my daughter to take that she could take without swallowing a pill. The FiveLac is the only thing I could find that she would take. She was having trouble with sore joints, panic attacks and having trouble gaining weight. Her symptoms are gone now and she has finally started gaining weight. I didn't do as well on the FiveLac until my doctor suggested that I may also have food sensitivities. She tested me and found I reacted to over 20 different foods. Now that I know what foods to avoid the FiveLac has done a great job of controlling my Candida symptoms.
  • Terri Randall - IT WORKED WELL FOR ME WHEN MY OLD WAYS OF LOSING WEIGHT SEEMED TO STOP WORKING.I have lost 11 pounds in two weeks on the diet. I got it on Kindle and have now ordered the paperback version because this is a type of book that I use as a reference book and it is very difficult doing that with the kindle version. I loaded it onto my computer and was able to copy some of the recipes, but there is a copy limit that is set, and I reached my limit before copying down all that I wanted.