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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 21032 Crownsville, Maryland

  • Marina Maroulakou - very nice chess bookThis is a very good book that my chess lover brother loved.
    It was delivered on time and its condition was great.
    I highly recommend it to those who want to buy a great gift for their (almost professionally) chess playing friends.
    Unfortunatelly I am not playing chess myself to value its content!
  • tiger - Great ProductI am now using my tablet more than my computer. I love the convenience and charge time. I had debated whether to get an Apple I Pad or Samsung but I decided on Samsung because I am more familiar with their products. I am not extremely computer literate but I am able to figure out most of the things I am interested in doing. Amazon is great on their delivery service but I cannot say much for UPS which leaves items in my driveway and not on the front porch. I am amaze I haven't had anything stolen yet.
  • Karen E Hill - We all need this !!!I have always been a big fan of Dr. Phil and I feel he's one of the good guys on tv. The book really covers a wide range of topics that we can all relate to and learn from. I can truly see why he gives a copy of this book to so many of the people who come on his show. I promise there is something for everyone....a must read!
  • J. A. Hicks "Polarized American" - Lots of laughs with lots of useful infoI heard about the book on Hannity. I've read both Treason and Slander and now How To...Ann's latest is as ascerbic, well researched and, probably, more offensive to liberals than anything she has previously written. It's a hoot. Many of the single star reviews I've read here for this book indicate that the only argumnets detractors can make are about her physical attributes or presumed intellectual failings, not the material she shares with her readers. After reading this one, order Larry Elder's book Showdown. Even more damning to big government irrationality than almost anything else out there.
  • Dustin - Excellent for the creative, analytical typeSo a lot of people are bitter (and poor) and making up bad reviews.

    I actually played the game last night after I bought at another store. It was a lot of fun. There are a lot of options to monitor your city, the animations are great, the graphics overall are superb, and the intricacy of the city is astounding. You can follow your first city's citizen from moving in, to getting a job, to going to shop or play. It's a lot of fun. My town is still small, but I know I'll be addicted.

    I must say the always-on thing sucks, but most people have always-on internet now (me). So not a big deal. Hope they iron out the servers, but if you've ever played an online-game on launch with perfect servers - well done, you don't exist!