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  • David Ludwig - Dont by knock offsI had bought 4 pairs of the knock off glasses and had to deal with syncing them all the time and they are heavy. I returned them and got 4 of the 3rd gen Panasonic to go with my AE7000 Projector and they work flawless. They are light and fit everyones faces. i got all mediums. They hold a charge very well and just work with no hassles.
  • Don Alan Uhrig - Flawless, does all I need and moreAlthough I could, I will not be writing a long technical review. Others have done that, and I have read all the pros and cons.

    Short story: The Asus Transformer Prime has been in my hands for two weeks now and has performed flawlessly. Not a single program has crashed. I have not had any forced closures. I have not had to reboot my tablet. (Makes me wonder what these other people are doing.)

    The tablet is beautiful and perfect. I like how easy it is to get to settings when, for example, I need to add a wi-fi location. One or two taps is all it takes to get to the most frequently used settings or applications.

    The tablet runs nearly every app that I had on my Android phone. What doesn't run is accessable via web browser - and actually using my banking in the web browser gives me access to ALL features whereas the bank app did not.

    One concern some might have with a tablet is some things only work when you are connected to the internet. I have no concerns about wi-fi access, because my android phone can be turned into a hotspot (yes, slower than broadband, but it does work).

    Only once have I run the battery down to 20% and that was during my longest day on my college campus - Thursdays - and I was showing off the screen by running in Super ISP mode quite a bit, and watched a movie. I actually didn't realize the 20% till I got home. I did have the keyboard/dock with me so could have easily added up to 8 hours of life.

    Maybe I will write more on this, but for now, I am AMAZINGLY happy with my purchase.
  • F. Ahboltin - Surprise! They work great!I bought a Panasonic TC P50 GT25 two or three years ago and never wanted to lay out the $100 for the 3D glasses because I figured it would be a less-than-satisfactory gimmick. Finally I got curious enough to spend $25 for these off-brand substitutes. They arrived, and I rented "The Life of Pi" to try them out. I anticipated having to do some kind of adjustments to get them to work, but I was surprised to discover that once the movie started and I turned on the glasses they just worked with no fiddling about. Not only did they work, they worked well and really enhanced my enjoyment of the movie. I felt a slight sense of strain for maybe 15 minutes while my eyes adjusted, then no discomfort at all. I wear glasses but I had no problem using the 3D glasses over them. After I finished the movie, my wife, who wears contacts, tried them out and also found them comfortable and totally satisfactory. I'm ordering a second pair and looking forward to enjoying more 3D movies.
  • A. Mahar - SCD diet is terrificI was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 8 mo ago. Since then ,I have had bouts of diarehha and constipation. This book and diet have changed my life. I was 4 days into the intro diet and my problems stopped. I buy Trader Joes Greek Style Yogurt instead of making my own yogurt and I take a SCD Probiotic by Kirkman( on line) I found the Farmers Cheese at Whole Foods and Gelsons ( in CA) I take Freeda vitamins ( SCD approved )The cheese cake recipe is wonderfull topped with cooked peaches. I also love the muffins with blueberries. Buy the book and change your life! A