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  • Scoutdriver73 - Happy - cheaper than the bare driveI have been really happy with theses drives. Looking at reviews, it seems it is a lottery to see if you get a 750MB platter or the 1GB platters. Three so far for me have all been the 1GB platters.

    I actually bought these drives for the bare drive. It was cheaper to buy the enclosure than the bare drive, plus I get a USB 3.0 enclosure out of the deal.

    No failures in three years with three drives
  • bOoKwOrM - it's just....uh....brilliant!If you've enjoyed Panini's Doctor Who "Storybooks", then you'll love the "Brilliant Book". This is essential for fans of the show, and especially of Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor. The "Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011" is illustrated throughout with many,many images from the show(some are behind the scenes photographs, some are actually promotional images,etc.), offers original fiction stories(which are also illustrated), gives good summaries of the fifth series episodes,and a bunch of other cool stuff.
    I personally liked the page that focused on the so-called "Dream Lord", and which actually gave the readers what appear to be hints about future episodes of the show. Another cool thing fans will appreciate, are the small script extracts scattered throughout the book, showing what scenes of dialogue Steven Moffatt chose to leave out of the finished episodes. :)
    Overall, this is a book that could be fun for the younger fans, but if you're an "older" fan of the show I'd recommend picking this up instead of the "Doctor Who Annual 2011"(which is also published by the BBC, and is more kid-centric/friendly than the "Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011").
  • S. Malkin - I'm impressed.This little wand works. I purchased this because my -45 year old- face started looking 45. I dark circles under my eyes and many fine lines around my mouth. After 2 days of use, my daughter asked what I was doing to my face because I didn't look so "old". I didn't tell her but the only thing I started using was the derma wand. I'm not trying to look younger, I just don't want to look older than I feel. FYI, I use light lotions instead of the gel the send.