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  • A. Doug Floyd "pilgrim" - Amazing. No morning breath.When I started to kiss my wife goodbye, she crunched her face because of my bad breath. I had just brushed my teeth, and my breath still smelled bad. After one too many mornings of this routine, I decided to get some mouthwash. I looked at all the washes and even tried a more expensive brand. Nothing works like Dr. Katz. From the moment I started using it, my bad breath went away.

    My wife is amazed (and loving it). My sister-in-law and her husband both started using it because I love it so much.

    Note: I take medications that cause bad breath and Dr. Katz has effectively removed that odor as well.

    I highly recommend this product for anyone suffering from bad breath and dry mouth.
  • Dalysse - Best Sports Game.Hello,it's the guy from Game-On Universe...Gameloft now has 2 awards (First one for Hero`s of Order & Chaos)...So I present the award for Best Sports Game to...NFL PRO 2013. Because this game has the award is because of the graphics, you don't get graphics like this in a tablet game,especially not for free,One day I came across a game like this,but it was $6.99¢!This game is absolutely of the charts!!!
  • Joy V. Smith "Pagadan" - A useful reference book for writers.I always get the new edition of Writer's Market, because markets can disappear quickly. But besides the market listings (broken down into categories), there are articles on writing and promotion, plus a guide on what to charge (very useful when you need the confidence to charge what your work is worth). There's also a isting for agents, contests, and more.