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Country: North America, PA, Panama

City: Plaza, Provincia de Veraguas

  • Kathy Jeane Hurst "Kate" - Excellent investmentI have not put this book to the test yet. My trip is in a few months but I feel as if I will be well informed having this book to reference. There is soooo much information and it is well presented and easy to find. I have so many bookmarks and notes in it! Rick Steve's came highly recommende by my sister in law who travels more than I do. She wasn't kidding...this book is great resource. I plan on taking it with me.
  • Tijs - Just overjoyed with it!I am in position of an iPad 3th gen and now I got the iPad mini. It took me a while to decide on it whether or not I would even need it but having it for 3 weeks now I did need it. First of all for the money you get a high quality Apple product, which is fully capable to meet with the demands that are expected from it. The nice thing about the size is that it is exactly right for holding it in one hand without being to heavy or the display being to small. I hardly use my old iPad, which already says it all. If you are thinking about buying an iPad and you need a light tablet that is just as good as the big once I would advice buying this one. The batterylife is really good and the display also preforms good in he outside daylight. All and all it's a full Apple worth mini iPad. The only advice I can give for now is wait on the 15th of October because speculations say that on this keynote an new iPad mini will be presented with retina display.
  • Qzar99 - I love this stroller!I was using the stroller of my Graco travel system until my son was about 13 months, then I finally decided to get him a new one. My son loves his Britax carseat, so I figured they'd have great strollers as well. I couldn't believe how amazingly easy it was to fold it compared to our Graco one. I absolutely love it! And, it's a lot easier to navigate. The second I put my son in it, he had a huge smile on his face. Definitely worth buying.
  • Douglas A. Nicely - One of the Best "Out of the Box" Daily Prayer BooksI have now purchased five copies of this book (and given three of them away as gifts). Compilers Claiborne, Wilson-Hartgrove, and Okoro are "emerging church" advocates. So, they are "out of the box" thinkers; but in a different way than we would expect. One of the most refreshing things about these newer Evangelicals is their zeal for retrieving some traditions that earlier generations had shelved as being "impractical." Here are the rites Christian Daily Prayer, updated and returned to those of us who never wanted to give them up. Only those who want to retrieve what has been lost in church tradition because it seems to be no longer "contemporary" could understrand this books sub-title: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals. This is the book that begins my workday with me and the devotional book I take with me when I travel.
  • Midnight "midnight" - Great glasses, and great priceMy wife and I just purchased a 60 inch Panasonic plasma tv. It has 3D capability, which was not that important to me. It was less important when I found out the Panasonic 3D glasses were $150.00 a piece! I saw these on Amazon. I read a lot of the reviews, and decided to take a chance. These glasses work perfectly. They are comfortable. They come with three different nose pieces, so comfort should not be an issue. You turn them on, and then press a button to search for your 3D signal, and voila! Searching for the Panasonic signal took less than 5 seconds. The best thing about these glasses is that they are rechargeable. The Panasonic glasses require you to replace a battery. We have only used these glasses twice, (2 hours) and charged them once using the supplied USB cable. Supposedly they last 30-50 hours. We'll see. 2 pairs, cost less than one Panasonic pair.