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  • Alain Krikilion - A must for C/AL beginners and veteransHow does the book read? To be honest, it is quite boring (it is a technical book after all) ... if you make the same mistake as I am doing: reading it as I do when you have some time to spare.
    So, how do you need to read it? You should be behind your computer with NAV2013 installed (preferably with a developer-license) and while reading it, you should dirty your hands following the books' hands-on project used to explain the various parts and also doing other experiments as they come to mind. If you are an experienced C/AL developer, you might also skip the books' hands-on project and definitely(!) do some experimenting when something comes to mind.

    Like I said, reading it in the way I do is not the best way, but still there are some things for me to learn (even with over 10 years of C/AL experience) and also some things I bookmarked because I like experimenting with new things!

    In short: A must for people who want to start programming in C/AL in NAV2013. But don't make the mistake to read the book as I do. You need to dirty your hands while reading it. And also don't think to finish it in a short time (even if you read it as I do)! And also a must for veteran C/AL programmers. You will definitely find something new to learn!
  • james - no reason why it shouldnt get 5 starsThis tablet rocks it is lightning fast u can get all firmware updates now and run ice cream sandwich the camera is amazing great pics I'm finding myself using it for everything great product i am in 16 x 80 manufactured home at far end of house and get great wifi signal i do have wndr 3700 n600 net gear router though i didn't buy for GPS so i couldn't tell you i also tether to phone i have also used friends ipad2 it by far runs smoother and graphics r better and he agrees and he paid more money this tablet is the reason apple is comming out with ipad 3 asus has set the new standard
  • Andrea L. Travers "ALT/Massachusetts" - Best Hair Removal Product Ever!!!!!!!Received this as a Christmas gift. As much as I wanted this product, I have to admit I wasn't sure if this would work as well as it claimed. My first treatment was on 1/1/12, my second treatment was on 1/15/12 and my third treatment was on 1/22/12. I have not shaved since the 1st treatment (instructions are to shave beforehand) and I can't believe it...there are less than a dozen hairs on each leg!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST HAIR REMOVAL PRODUCT EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Its going to save me so much money in razors and shaving cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • GrahamI - I love this tablet!!! The only way I would give it up is if you pried it from my cold dead hands!!!!I received my tablet on Thursday of last week and since then we have been inseparable. As soon as I received it I pulled it out plugged it into the docking keyboard and attached it to the charger. I turned it on and put in my account info and it immediately found my wifi with no problem and it had full signal anywhere in my four floor house with my router in the basement. I was also able to take it a good distance from my house and the wifi is fine. I went to a local Starbucks and the wifi picked up on their network well also. I did all of this wilh the standard Android Honeycomb 3.2 that came on it before running the update to ICS that I was prompted to install. Notice that I did not even test GPS before running the upgrade because whether GPS works or not is a mute point for me. I use my droid with car dock for GPS if I need it and will not use this for that purpose. Incidentally, the Mapquest app in the market works better with the turn by turn navigation than even the stock navigation. I was prompted to run the system update that brought me up to download and install ICS 4.0 and it works extremely well in all the apps that I have used. My games move well and do not lock up, except for the occasional software bug associated with the app itself. This is a definite buy for anyone who isn't willing to settle for Apple's piece of crap iPad 2 or 3 when it comes out. The speed and performance of this tablet is amazing. For those of you shying away because you know they are coming out with the tf700 model save your money and buy this it works great for me and it will for you too.
  • Dan Machleid - You proabably already know what's in the book......If you're a Sam Harris fan, or a follower of his speaking engagements or debates, you've heard his position on the issue.

    This book is a full, rich exploration of the application of scientific practices to the topic of human well being.

    It takes as axioms that people are physical, and that the morality of actions is a factor of how those actions effect people.

    If you're a dualist or a theist, this book will seem hopelessly misguided to you. But then, of course, you're operating from different (and actually wrong) axioms, so there you are.