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  • allana - nice sensuali really enjoyed this one a very rivveting story and sensual and yummy but as always some books are ruined by unrealistic situation in this one SPOILER alert the kid is immortal i mean she survive a deadly disease she survives a burning inferno then she survive running in the london streets at night i mean really and all the while her mom immediately assumes shes dead each time all unrealistic she too doesnt ever get told off when the author tells us the heroine was a strict mom another huge error was in half of the book we were told how she needed to avoid the duke for the sake of the good name of her store but has absolutely no problem jumping into his crested carriage and running around the whole day from shop to shop shopping with him and him paying everything if that did not scream scandal back then whAt did just did not fit in with the story line of her constantly claiming they shouldnt be seen together but lets run around together into every well known store while you buy me nice expensive things when two days ago my store burnt down and youre engaged to marry another seriously thats when i just laughed and laughed hard but very nice read overall
  • Thomas Baggett - Super nice small tabletI've had this for over a year and have used it for entertainment and reading. It is very easy to use to download your favorite games and books from both amazon and google. The games are easy to launch and use with the interactive touch screen. I've read several books and really enjoy the interface design for turning and marking pages. In bright sunlight I have to turn the screen brightness up a little for reading. I have travelled with this all over the country and taken it on airplanes when I was visiting Canada and it was great to have along on a long flight.
    Streaming movies is easy and the sound quality is fantastic along with the image and motion qualities of the screen.
    Another great feature is Autorip from amazon that allows you to download any music that you purchase from them to your device for free if it has that feature enabled on your purchase. I have a great music library without have to purchase everything as mp3.
    Overall this is a great tablet for anyone that wants a small touch screen computer.
  • RobM "rob-m" - Actually worksI was very apprehensive about this product working. The first application lasted around 48 hours, the second application lasted 3 days and from the third application and on (I have reordered for months now) each application lasts over a week. I reapply weekly to be safe but there was a time or two where I forgot and was surprised the sweat protection was good up to around 9 days or so.