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  • Howlin Walker - True Love...I was young and impertinent, as I arched a brow at the package in my hand. BIC Cristal For Her? I scoffed and haughtily tossed my raven hair over my shoulder, sending it cascading down my back. I threw down the package and reached for the strong and thick man-pen which had always satisfied me. It's girth reassured me that IT was in control, and I gave myself over to my passion. I hardly knew myself as I boldly uncapped it's man-hood sheath with my mouth, holding it firmly in my teeth. As I fondled the throbbing spear of plastic, my page was filled with the hot, wet ink of its love. But alas, its arousal was too great, and spewed ink in a rage, covering my quivering mounds. Shocked and hurt at this betrayal, I vowed never to hold a turgid man-shaft pen in my hands again. Somewhat humbled, I picked up the BIC Cristal For Her package and delicately eased a slender, pastel pen from its hot sleeve of love. The silken warmth of its body against my fingers sent delightful shivers up my arm and down to my secret nest of desire. We have been together happily ever since.
  • Miranda - Seeing is believing.I am a skeptic when it comes to things like this. I do not believe in 'magic pills', and let me tell you - THIS IS NOT ONE. It is not a magic pill that will just make your skinnier or lose your weight without your effort. Before I bought this, I read the negative, and the positive reviews. Many of the negative were talking about how they did none of the work, and only gave it 30 minutes before eating. You're not going to get any results like that. So, if you're looking for a magic pill, this isn't for you.

    If, however, you are willing to take this in addition to something as SIMPLE as walking, you will benefit! I was WAY out of shape, with no muscles, and was in no way ready to run or do some huge boot camp type ordeal. All I have are 3 & 5 lb weights, a step, and a fitness ball. These are all easy, inexpensive utensils to my weight loss. I take my pill at 8am, 12pm, and 4:30pm. I plan to eat between 9am-10am, 1pm-2pm, and 6-7pm. These are my MAIN meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I give it at least an hour to let the pill hit me, and then, when I do, I do not crave any snacks, or any deserts, or anything. I eat smaller portions, and I don't feel hunger for more! THIS HAPPENED THE FIRST DAY I TRIED THEM.

    I am taking the 3 pills per meal. I am eating an hour after taking them. I am working out 'lightly' for 30 minutes. I am eating things like sandwich subs, from pasta (smaller portions), from fish and chicken. I am not eating sweets like ice cream or candy or baked goods.

    You have to be an active participant in your weight loss. If you do, then this pill will work for you. I have been working on it for two weeks. I have lost 12 lbs. AND I AM NOT HUNGRY. (: (: (:
  • JJ Stark - Simple to Use, Saves Space on my Laptop.What a great space saver for my laptop! Just plugged it in, transferred my files (mostly pictures) and that was that! Copying/moving files is as simple as copying files from one folder to another on your PC. Once I copied all my photos, I deleted them from my laptops's hard drive freeing up a ton of space! The external drive has more than 5x the amount of space on my laptop, so this is wonderful! We've used it to backup all our PCs - my laptop, my son's laptop and our family's desktop - and there's still a ton of space left on the external drive. Fast, reliable, simple to use.
  • Music Lover - Great travel bookThis book has been extremely helpful to us in planning a trip to Ireland. Since we will be traveling independently and not with a tour group, it was really important that we get detailed information about places to see and tips for traveling. I looked at a couple of other travel books, but found this one to be most helpful. We have it on our iPad and Kindle so we can refer to it as we go.
  • Haseeb - an adventure and journey into a world we can hardly imagineI was drawn to this book orignially out of the idea that things so small can cause so much damage and or alter larger animals in ways some would find hard to believe. One of the previous reviewers mentioned something about sacculina (a parasitic barnicle that attacks crabs). Reading about how sacculina castrates its host and makes it care for its young was one of the things that got me interested in reading this fascinating book. Sacculina is only one of many fascinating parasites discussed however. Many are familiar with parasites such as cuckcoos, tape worms and trichinella but few have heard of parasites such as the lancet fluke and even fewer are familiar with its life cycle and what it does to its host. In terms of the spooky element, I think Dicrocoelium dendriticum (the lancet fluke) ranks as one of the top villains given in the book. The lancet fluke has three different hosts, namely the snail, the ant and cow or other grazers. As an adult, the lancet fluke spends its time in the gut of a cow where it lays its eggs. The eggs are then deposited on the ground with the cow's feces then snails eat the eggs which hatch in its intestines. The baby flukes bore through the snail's gut emerging from the snails slimy body and onto the ground where they attract the attention of ants. The ants eat these slime balls and become infected. The flukes then make the ants climb up the highest blade of grass they can find and lock their mandibles onto the top of the blade hanging until they are eaten by a grazer to continue its life cycle. There are a few interesting details which I intentionally left out.Only one parasite in the book made me cringe and that was with candiru. Candiru is a thin fish found in the rivers of Latin America. Woe to the unfortunate soul who happens to urinate in a river in the presence of candiru because it will detect the odor of urine and ram itself into the victim's urethra (male or female) and lodge itself there with its teeth. Candiru is virtually impossible to remove once inside the urethra. Humans are not candiru's natural hosts however, it attacks them as a mistake.The book also expounds on how and why parasites have a vital and critical role to play in ecology. Examples of bad things happening because certain parasites were eliminated is discussed.