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  • Robert Anderson - Hutzler 571 esoterica...* The aboriginal cannibals of New Guinea had a device very similar to this, but anthropologists have no idea what it was used for since they were strictly carnivores and had never even seen a banana.

    * Warning: Use ear protection if you plan to use this device on the "Musa Brasilias Clamaras", a.k.a the Brazillian "Screaming" Banana.

    * Serendipitous side-effect: if a Tarantula is hiding on your bananas you will now have no need to reach for a frying pan or scream like a little girl

    * In April '11 the FBI declassified a horde of documents related to the 1947 Roswell Incident. This product was released months later. Coincidence? I think not.

    * It's hard to believe, but its predecessor - the Hutzler 570 - was little more than a banana-shaped, plastic frame with cheap blades inside.

    * If the Skipper had thought to bring one of these on the Minnow, the castaways may never have tried to get off the island.

    * Read the fine print: Using this device on Banana slugs voids the warranty

    * Disturbing factoid: The Hutzler 1 was marketed as a "Dog Poop Slicer" but only sold 2 units. Instead of giving up on the product, Hutzler gave the product design team another chance, and as they say, "the rest is history".

    * In Hollywood news: Matthew Modine has been tapped to play the Hutzler 571 in the American Movie Channel docudrama, "Plastic and Steel: The life and times of H-571".

    * The marketing materials won't say it, but I will: This thing is just dead weight if you're camping in Antarctica.

    * In a pinch this will also work on mimes! And kumquats - but only if your kumquat is shaped like a banana.

    * Early reports linking this product to spontaneous human combustion have been proven baseless.

    * In Season 3, Episode 4 ("Collision Course") of Walker, Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris dispatches a villain with a device eerily similar to the Hutzler 571.

    * When 7-year-old Elliot Hutzler of Toledo, Ohio brought a prototype of this device to school twenty years ago for show and tell, his classmates laughed at him and started chanting, "Banana boy, Banana boy!". Suffice it to say, they're not laughing anymore.

    * Appendix G in the Owner's Manual lists the replacement blades as part number A362489-38X-C but I think they meant to say A362489-38X-D.

    * In "Codex Illuminatis: The History of Secret Kitchen Appliances", Harvard Antiquities professor Winston Feldman speculates that the Freemasons may have had a banana slicer similar to the Hutzler 571 centuries ago, but this claim is not widely accepted in academic circles.

    * A First Edition Hutzler 571, complete with un-redacted Owner's Manual recently sold at a Christie's auction for $48.32.
  • K. Abel - GREAT PRODUCT!!Just like any other acne medicine it works for most, but not for all. But for me it worked wonders. Never having an acne issue, I really never worried about my skin. Then I got pregnant and my hormones knocked me back into puberty I guess. Zits everywhere. I have been using Proactiv for 7 years now and I wouldn't use anything else. In fact after using it for an amount of time, I don't have to use it near as much as when you begin. I skip days and most days only have to use it once. If I start to get a zit, just zap some of the "mask" on it like you would clearasil, and it gets rid of it within a day or two. It is a terrific product and I recommend it so much that I even got it for my 14 year old step-daughter. Who also swears by it.

    DO NOT get it from the proactiv website unless you want to pay more and just throw your money away. You pay $30 a month no matter how often you actually get your set. And if you only get your set every 3 months that is 90 bucks plus other shipping fees, etc. that would only pay $60 at the mall for (or less than that on certain websites)... you are paying way over the price it is really worth! And if you deactivate your account you still paid that last 30 bucks for nothing, because if you cancel before your next shipment, you are never going to get that money back even though you didn't get product.

    Give it a shot for a few months and I am certain it will work as well for you as it does for me & my family.
  • happilyretired - Have used many timesI have used Norton products for many years and I have yet to experience any of the problems some people describe. In the early years it was know to be a resource hot, but a few years ago Symantec reworked this product and it uses less memory to perform.
    Technical support has not been a issue for me because I am a bit of a techy. I usually find any answers I need on their website. Will buy again for many years.
  • Colorado Hermit "ColoradoHermit" - This is a really nice hot beverage maker.Since the small mountain town in Colorado that I live in doesn't have one of those Starbucks or anything like that I've never had a chance to have one of those Latte things. I've heard a lot about them so when I had a chance to get one of these I jumped on it. As a machinist for over 20 years I appreciate a well made machine that does what its supposed to do and does it well. This Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte machine is one of those machines that is well designed and does what its supposed to do. There's only one thing that I would change and that is to add a clear window in the side of the water tank to see how much water you are putting in it. The way it is you cant really tell its full until water is running out the overflow hole in the back of it. Inside the water tank it has three steps. The lower 2 are for the water level for one or two drinks. The first time I used it I thought the top, or third step was the high water mark. Until I had water running all over my counter top! So when they update the design of this I hope they put in a see through window on the water tank.
    Being able to use this for making hot beverages like hot chocolate is great! Just add water to the pot, I like to add a little whole milk too making it about half and half, add the instant Cocoa mix, put the top on the pot and set the pot in the machine. Switch it to heat & froth and push down the lever to start its cycle. Its little frothing shaft mixes the Cocoa while its heating and automatically shuts off when its hot. Making a nice small pot of Hot Cocoa with a foamy frothy top only needing you to add some small marshmallows to make it perfect. It works really well for making Hot Cocoa with just milk and Ovaltine too.
    Did my first Chocolate Latte with it a little bit ago. Since I've never had one before I'm not sure what its supposed to be like but whether I did it right or not, it still came out tasting pretty good to me! Made a double and it had just the right amount of froth and I used a "Primula Double Wall Glass Mug with Tea Bag Buddy" to drink it out of. Without the "Tea Bag Buddy" of course. ;) This double wall mug kept it nice and hot till I finished it. Since our winter cold weather has just started here in Colorado I think I'll get a lot more use out of this, and the mug, then I thought I would when I first got them. If you don't have a favorite large mug to use with this I suggest getting one of the "Primula Double Wall Glass Mug with Tea Bag Buddy". It may be intended for tea but its great for these Latte things too.

    - Update
    Just a little update. I thought I'd experiment and try using some Chocolate Ovaltine in the milk for the chocolate flavor making a Coffee Latte. Well, got the chocolate flavor alright, but for some reason or other the Ovaltine kept the milk from frothing up. No froth, no foam, or anything even close. It still tasted good, but scratch Ovaltine off the list of things to try making a Cafe Latte with if you like the foam on it. ;-

    - 2nd Update 12/26/11
    I have been using this for almost 3 weeks now. I've averaged two double Coffee Latte's a day with it so I don't feel I've been over using it. Starting 3 or 4 days ago the little motor in the pots lid that runs the frothing thing started getting a little louder with its motor hum. When cleaning it I notice the spindle of the motor didn't turn as smooth as it did when I first got it. When I first got it and was checking it out, with my fingers the spindle of the little motor rotated very smooth. Today when I made my first pot of Latte it didn't have any foam or froth on it at all. I used the same ingredients that I've been using for my favorite mix so I know it wasn't because I changed something in it. While it was brewing I noticed that it was making a louder hum than usual and it wasn't a steady sound. When I first started using it the frothing motor was so quiet I could hardly hear it. When I used the Heat & Froth to warm up the leftover second cup it did make a little froth on it that time. But not even close to as much as it has been. What I think all this adds up to is the little motor for the frothing is going out. When I first got it and saw how small the motor was, I wondered if it was going to last very long. Guess I found out. Now I'll have to see if Mr. Coffee will replace it or not.
    If anybody else has the same problem could you leave a comment below and let me know? Thanks.

    -3rd Update
    I sent a email to MrCoffee after writing my update above on 12-26-11. I received a response today, 12-30-11, with a shipping notice and tracking number for a replacement lid assembly. I also found that the usual replacement cost of a lid assembly is $14.99. A replacement pot assembly is $24.99. Since the pot has a heating element in it you cant just replace the glass pot. For both a lid and pot assembly with shipping, $8.50, it will cost $50.61 to replace both of them. I will have to see how long the new lid/motor assembly last to see if its worth its replacement cost.