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  • Robert Prince - He just wouldn't listen (sob)...What a waste, a ridiculous waste of paper! I mean, who in the world worries about avoiding huge ships? Maybe someone in a small ship, or a medium ship, but what if you are not in a ship at all? You may as well worry about land sharks! And do you see the price of this book? It's obvious the writer is just TAKING ADVANTAGE of all those silly, paranoid people who actually live in fear of- AAAAARRRRRGGG!

    This is Robert's wife, I have to finish the review. He was so busy ranting and raving he didn't see the huge ship coming...(sniff, sniff). Oh God, WHY WOULDN'T HE LISTEN???? (sob) Please, people, for your own sakes, READ THIS BOOK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!(sobs)
  • J.A. - Half the battleI suffered an ongoing infection for four months involving a simultaneous yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. I went through various forms of anti-biotics from my healthcare provider and practically drank yogurt thinking it would help. I was on the final day of my oral anti-biotics and still felt dirty. Fed up, I found Rephresh while rummaging for options I could buy. Two weeks after I bought this I went to the gynecologist office just to check. Gone, all of the infection. I don't know if it will work the same for others. Rephresh managed to get in before the bad stuff could come back. I will continue to take this. The cost of these pills is peanuts to the repeated OBGYN visits and prescription medication I endured for four months.
  • Justin Ryan "FreshOats" - Fantastic and AwesomeThe Aerogarden has proven to be awesome. All but 1 of our seedlings have sprouted and are flourishing. I was impressed with the timer adjustability so that it is on and off when you want it to be. The only thing we did not like was the fact that it only came with the "Quick Instructions" and lacked the supposed in-depth instructions as we had some questions that we had to look up online. Aside from that, it has so far been a great purchase.
  • Tough Studd - Today, I am a man!For years I would be mocked, ridiculed and beaten because my moon shirt had only one wolf and was blue. As soon as I saw this awesome product I knew that would all end. When my tormentors saw I now wore three wolfs instead of their two and it was black, they bowed down and kissed my feet. I then kicked them in the face and laughed maniacally as I made them all my bitches. My life is totally awesome now.