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  • Jaden B. - My Humanities Class Book Review of "Zeitoun"I thought this book was interesting and touching. I almost felt I was actually there in the canoe with Zeitoun after the Katrina storm. His caring and concern for his neighbors was very touching. My favorite part of the book was after the storm, when he went back to his neighbor's house to feed the dogs with food he got from his own freezer.

    In the book there were things that happened in New Orleans that most Americans did not know about. I was hoping that Zeitoun would have a happy ending and be with his family again, because he went through a lot. I thought to myself, he didn't deserve getting put into jail. After all the things he did for the town and his neighbors and even those dogs, he just didn't deserve it. I'm glad that his wife finally found out where he was. He did so much for New Orleans. I heard that he is very well-known there for his work.
  • Morrigan Cider - This book saved my life!I have been suffering from Crohn's Disease since I was thirteen years old, that is, until two years ago. I followed the diet as detailed in the book and was amazed at the results. My only regret is that I did not try this diet sooner. It wasn't because I wasn't willing -I just wasn't informed that there was a better alternative to a life filled with semi-effective drugs with powerful side effects, bouts of agonizing pain, and bowel disfunction.I am *very* angry at every doctor who told me diet has no effect on Crohn's Disease. Elaine's scientific approach blows this myth out of the water. The only two question remain: 1) Why don't our doctors use this treatment before prescribing dangerous medications? 2) Why has the medical community ignored decades of science supporting this diet?Two years after folloing the diet, I am drug free, symptom free, and running 5 miles/day. Thank you Elaine, you saved my life.
  • Chad Foo - WARNING: Don't buy just one.My old shirt had seen much use. 2 wives, countless women and God knows how many children of mine out there - this shirt had brought me great times... until last week. I had taken the shirt off at the gym in the locker room to take a shower but when I got out my shirt was gone. That was the first day I had cried in almost 20 years. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get another but luckily a friend of mine told me I could get more here on Amazon. I ordered 10 just to be safe. Thank you Amazon and thank YOU Three Wolf Moon shirt. You have a friend for life.