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  • R. OSullivan - Easy Install, Great Internet Security and Does Not Slow The Computer DownI loaded this on our Velocity Micro gaming computer that runs on Windows 7. I guess others have had problems loading, but this program loaded without a hitch. No frustration getting it to work at all. Notably, I have been VERY frustrated loading other brands on another computer of mine. The software does not slow down the system at all, and it checks downloads quickly and is effective at scanning downloads for actual and possible threats. It gives me a very clear message as to whether there is a virus or potential virus and gives a red, yellow or green safety ratng that is very easy for my son to understand. The computer is being used mostly for gaming and so we download alot from the internet and so far so good - McAfee has successfully kept our computer free of viruses. At the same time, the computer runs efficiently and is not being slowed down by the security program at all. McAfee has a great reputation and this lives up to that reputation in my opinion and compares favorably to experiences I have had with Kapersky (which I couldn't get to load on one of my computers) and Bit Defender (which somehow didn't keep one of my computers from getting infected with a virus). I highly recommend McAfee internet security.
  • gotta dance - i wish this book had been published sooner.With the heads up the good doctor hands out :I would have been more solidly situated for retirement.
    READ IT!!
  • Dat Hong - one of the Best portable speakers I own so farThese have got to be one of the best portable speakers I own. This speaker packs a punch and is nice and loud. I enjoy the fact that it is weather proof so I don't have to worry about someone spilling liquids on it outside. The bass on these are amazing. Playing music with it from my Samsung Galaxy S2 is a joy and pairs instantly. The music comes out very sharp and clear.

    It's great for BBQs out back on the deck. It connected quickly to my phone and the range on it is fantastic. I can have my phone on me and still walk around my deck without any problems. I tried them inside the house and the sounds fill up the room. They can get that loud. The speakers are also nice and heavy, and feel very solid.

    Now, it cautions against submerging in water. It is WEATHER PROOF, NOT water proof. For most outdoor uses, this will hold up nicely. You wont regret owning these speakers. I HIGHLY recommend these.
  • VAMommy5633 - very close to perfect!I really like this stroller. After doing 9 months of research (while pregnant) and now 9 months into my son's first year, I keep coming back to Britax products. We already have the SummitXC by BabyJogger and I would not recommend the B-Agile as a "jogger". But as a travel stroller or for quick errands, you can't beat this stroller. Yes, everyone compares it to the CityMini. But in the end I preferred the Britax because of the overall price (factoring in accessories like rain covers, travel bags, parent consoles etc), the brake (don't like the bar across the BabyJogger products unless you always wear runners) and the harness clasp. The only thing I don't like (which applied to the CityMini as well) is the "infinite" recline seat. I (and my son) would prefer a more upright seat position that our other Britax stroller offers. Otherwise, I treasure this stroller for it being super lightweight and narrow profile. We recently went to Boston for a vacation and this was a breeze to pop a wheelie, fold up or lift onto the T. The suspension was pretty good and made for a decently smooth ride (as good as you can get for any stroller weighing less than 20lbs). Highly recommend.