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  • Richard D. Mayatt "Hawgwild23" - A True Educational ReadThis book will educate even the most informed reader. Ann provides ample footnotes so "doubters" will have the true facts as they were spoken and reported. If you want your eyes opened as to why there are so many social issues that are never truthfully and effectively dealt with, then this book is a must read. Every American should read this book and maybe then some honest discussions could take place to resolve some of our most serious social issues.
  • Ms. Parrothead "Book Lover" - Great tablet for little onesI selected this LeapPad2 for my 2 1/2 year old twins (they will be 3 in Feb). They have limited experience playing with an ipad during occupational therapy, but we don't own a tablet for them to use at home. Since I can't justify the cost of an ipad just for toddlers to play with it, I hoped this would be a good substitute. I have always been a huge fan of LeapFrog toys, since way back when my (now) teenagers had the LeapBook readers back in the late 90's.

    The great news is that my babies love the LeapPad2, so much that I've bought the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Disney Princess Bundleso they can both play whenever they want. Although sharing isn't really an issue right now, I think it will be as they get older.

    This bundle comes with a Mike silicone skin which goes on easily, but I'm not sure how much protection it offers in the way of drops. I think it will be adequate, because common sense says that a tablet made for kids will be more durable/shock resistant than one made for "adults." There is also a gift card included to use in the LeapPad "app" store. Just keep in mind as you shop, that the "apps" are much more expensive, instead of the $1-$3 apps on most sites, some of these run $15 or more. I really wish that LeapPad would offer more inexpensive apps, and that may be something that they do in the future.

    One "add on" purchase I really recommend is they rechargable battery pack (LeapFrog LeapPad2 Recharger Pack (Works only with LeapPad2)) There is no way to comprehend the sheer number of batteries that this thing goes through. It is crazy. I didn't order one at first because I didn't think the twins would use too many batteries, but I was WRONG! The recharger pack also stays charged longer than typical rechargeable batteries.

    In short, I highly recommend this toy. It has stood up well to two 2 1/2 year olds, and I anticipate them using this for many years. There is a large number of games available at varying levels, so this toy can be used for some time, from toddler-hood to elementary school age. I have bought LeapFrog products for many years for my kids, and I have never regretted a purchase.
  • Stephen Pletko "Uncle Stevie" - One of the greatest minds of our time shares how he became the thinker that he isXXXXX

    "I became a secret reader. In the holidays from boarding school, I would sneak up to my bedroom with a book: a guilty truant from the fresh air and the virtuous outdoors. And when I started learning biology properly at school, it was still bookish pursuits that held me. I was drawn to questions that grown-ups would have called philosophical. What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? How did it all start?"

    The above comes from this tell-all memoir from the author of such best-sellers as "The Selfish Gene" (1976), "The Blind Watchmaker" (1986), "The God Delusion" (2006), and "The Magic of Reality" (2011), RICHARD DAWKINS. He is a Fellow of both the Royal Society and the Royal Society of Literature. Dawkins has received numerous honours and awards especially in science. He retired from his position as Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University in 2008.

    In 2012, a new genus name called "Dawkinsia" was created in recognition of his contribution to the public understanding of evolutionary science. In 2013, Dawkins was voted the world's top thinker in "Prospect" magazine's poll (of 10,000 readers from over 100 countries).

    This book is actually the first book in his two-part memoir. (The second book will be released sometime in 2015). As Dawkins tells us:

    "Publication of 'The Selfish Gene' [in 1976] marks the end of the first half of my life."

    In this first book, Dawkins tells us everything from his birth in Africa in 1941, his parents, and he even delves a bit into his family tree. Then he moved to England when he was eight. We learn of his early school and family experiences. After this he went to Oxford University in 1959 where many positive influences on his life occurred. This first book, as already mentioned, culminates with the publication of "The Selfish Gene," thought by many to be one of the most important books of the twentieth century.

    Along the way, Dawkins tells us his views on such things as religion, critical thinking, how he was entranced with computers, his regrets, etc.

    I especially enjoyed the last two chapters of this book. The penultimate chapter deals with the phenomenal "The Selfish Gene" while the final chapter, amongst other things, is a tribute to Charles Darwin, Dawkins' "greatest scientific hero."

    Finally, there are three sets of glossy photographs in this book (some in colour, some in black and white). I found that these enhanced the main narrative.

    In conclusion, this is the first in a two-set autobiography by one of the greatest minds of our time: Clinton Richard Dawkins.

    (first published 2013; 15 chapters; main narrative 295 pages; acknowledgements; text and picture acknowledgements; index; about the author)