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  • Anthony Byers "shopper of stuff" - Get on the bus...Jon Gordon has wrote an amazing book. For anyone who is having problems on the job this book can give you a new perspective. I am a teacher and our whole school was asked to read this. We are using the ideas from this book to make our staff work more like a team. I have even started applying the ideas to my personal life. This book helps you with those energy vampires.
  • Elizabeth I. Knight-Smith - Align ProBioticsProBiotics have been recomended by all of my doctors & this was the brand mentioned first. I've been taking them for about 6 months & would recomend them to everyone that wants to keep their health top notch. If you ever have to take AntiBiotics for an illness you should take these when you're done to put all the good guys back in your body.
  • Michael J. Urbanski - Easy, cleaver, funny, personal, enjoyableI am a fairly avid reader and it was great to come across a book so personally revealing about some one that has been "invited" into our home many times. I was a fan before this book and this solidified my judgement. Years ago, I read the entire Kent Family Chronicles series by John Jakes where, through time the individual members of the Kent Family met, engaged and some times befriended great and large figures in American history. Well, from Mohammed Ali to Joe Dimaggio to Robin Williams, Billy Crystal is a modern day member of The Kent Family. Through his 65 years, he has met, befriended, worked with, dined with and he shared those experiences with, what feels like, just me! Great read, highly recommend.
  • Kathy L. - excellent, works as promisedThis pillow absolutely delivers.

    It's not the most comfy pillow - it's on the firm end of pillows.
    However, the chilling aspect is so comfortable.

    It's easy to prepare for use - lay flat as directed.
    Use a funnel to make it easier to get the water in - not on - the pillow.
    Put the funnel in the opening and lift that corner a bit, to make it easier for the water to flow in.

    The cooling aspect doesn't necessarily last the entire night (that probably depends on your body temp + the ambient temp). However, it last most of the night for me. If you wake and it doesn't feel cool enough, just move to a cooler spot. (It lasted about 5 or 6 hours for me.)

    Using a regular pillow and flipping it over in an attempt to find a cool spot, only works momentarily. This pillow's cooling lasts.

    It's thin (for a pillow) so you'll likely want to use it on top of a regular pillow.

    I've not found it necessary to place it in the fridge for extra cooling - but be sure to heed the instructions, and do not place it in the freezer.

    The instructions advise you might need to add a little more water, but so far - after a few months use - I haven't found this so.

    Excellent product, well worth the money.

    By the way, I'm very sensitive to off smells, and ordered this apprehensively, after reading a few reviews about odor. I do not find any odor whatsoever.