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  • Robert C. Basselgia - Did not work on Vista, but works on Win 7 - 32I was preparing to upgrade Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium, 32 bit, but my Roxio Creator 9DE
    was not compatable. I purchased Roxio Creator 2011 and installed it before the upgrade and it would not run
    on Vista. I emailed Roxio Support, but before they responded I did the Win 7 upgrade. After the upgrade I tried
    Roxio Creator 2011 and it loaded O.K. I haven't tried any of the applications yet, but I have viewed the video tutorials and read the PDF tutorials. No problems!
    So far so good. Please note that I didn't uninstall and reinstall after the upgrade. The installation on Vista was on my computer during the Win 7 installation. Ater the installation of Win 7, Roxio Creator 2011 worked.
  • Kelly M. Lambert - It might be a previous generation but isn't missing anything you'd want in a tablet!I have absolutely no regrets or really any complaints about my new favorite Kindle Fire HD!!! The only thing I have noticed is the quality isn't always top notch with games. However, when it comes to books, videos, web browsing, or taking photos the quality is exactly what you would expect and the camera on this tablet is more than what I had presumed it would be! Excellent purchase!
  • BerryBeautiful - Honest and Helpful for All Women! (Single or Not)Get the Guy by Matthew Hussey is one of the few books out there giving solid advice and insight into what guys want and think when women are dating them. I have read other books written by women urging you to be more aggressive and stand up for your independence, not realizing that these books were written by women, not men. So how could they possibly know if this is really the way to keep a guy's interest? I think the part about trying to make whatever time you spend with a guy the most fun and doing something different than the usual coffee date, is one of the best ideas because I have tried this out by going to a nature preserve for a walk (something I enjoy doing) and it wasn't so nerve wrecking because we could enjoy the outdoors and talk about what was around us instead of asking boring questions over coffee at Starbucks. I felt we were really able to relax and have our true personalities come out so we could began joking with one another. It didn't cost a penny AND he called me back. We went on a few nice dates afterward, but it didn't really hit off. However, that is ok; because not every guy you meet is meant to be your boyfriend but I believe some of the advice and tips in this book offered me the opportunity to at least get to know someone that I might not have been able to get a first date with before. I definitely feel more confident knowing that it's ok to approach guys now and not just sit in a corner hoping for them to come by. That guys need encouragement to take the lead too. I really suggest ordering this book if not at least watching his YouTube videos where I originally found Mr. Hussey. He gives great insight and if anything it's a great easy read that will have you thinking more about how you value yourself as well. This was kinda long but trust me he's the real deal!