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  • hondoman45 - Great update to my plasma tvI never have subscribed to cable as I am a penny pincher to the max! When I saw the Roku3 at my local Sam's Club a few months ago, it intrigued me. I could have access to hundreds of channels and not have to spend an arm and a leg. I already had 12 mbps dsl service with a wireless router from my phone company and an older Panasonic plasma tv so the basics were in place. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of hooking up the Roku3 as it took maybe five minutes and most of that time was entering the security code of our wireless service. It was up and running and is very easy to use. We enjoy it daily and have subscribed to Amazon Prime for $79.95 per year as it seems to be able to offer the biggest bang for the buck of the many channels offered on the Roku3. There are so many channels that it is going to be a very long time before I scroll through all of them if I ever do! My reason for writing this is to let anyone who might me sitting on the fence contemplating a Roku3 purchase to know that we have had no issues at all for the past four months or so. The remote is solid and the headphone plug on it gets used frequently as I am a night owl. I am not a tech person at all; my wife even less so, and the two of us have enjoyed exploring the programming available with the Roku3. It is so nice to watch programs with no advertisements. It hurts to go to local tv stations and suffer through the multiple ads now! We are truly spoiled by the Roku3 and can't recommend it enough! I would like to thank the many people who have reviewed the Roku3 as they have put a lot of time and effort into helping others like me to take the plunge into something I was nervous about doing. Hope my two bits helps someone. Thanks for your time!
    ps...I almost forgot, we have an older corded Sony sound bar and subwoofer hooked up to our plasma tv and it works very well with the Roku3!
  • seegles - The best foundation I've ever used!I first used this product about 7 years ago - I've tried other foundations since then (everything from drugstore to department store brands), and I've come back to Bare Minerals for good. You can get great coverage, from light to heavier, without being cakey. I love the brushes Bare Minerals sells - especially the small concealer brush. Then I use a kabuki brush to dust my whole face. Not only do I see good coverage, I actually see a visible improvement in my skin without makeup! Fewer pimples and less discoloration - I think this has to do with the fact that it lacks a lot of the nasty ingredients common in American makeup (but banned in a lot of European products)!
  • scott a. - Great product & Tastes GREAT * As long as you mix it with the right stuffThis Raw Meal is one of the very best nutritional supplements I have ever tried. And through Amazon, I save over 60% on the price vs. buying in a store (Whole Foods).

    BUT... It does tastes like drinking sand.
    I mix it with #1 Skim Milk #2 STEVIA powder.
    This makes it taste great.

    STEVIA: While in some mixtures, stevia can taste a little weird, but with this, it tastes just as good as sugar.
    STEVIA: Is the ONLY known sweetener that is NOT bad for your health. It's actually good for you in many ways. Use sparingly, it is many times stronger than sugar.