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  • Paula Orozco - Importan Reality!This book has the knowledge that we should be tought at school, it is simple and absolutely important because love live it is a part that help us to be stronger in other parts such as finacial or working and so on. I have laughed a lot remembering all those awkward things that I have done... The book is helping me to love myself more and to take life less serious because it can be fun!!

    Thank you Matthew!
  • Ms Winston - Excellent Tool for Life EventsA few years ago I paid an attorney almost $400.00 to draft my will. Recently, I decided I wanted to make some minor changes and discovered that it would cost me at least $150.00 in fees to do so. WillMaker Plus was the answer! The software was easy to load, I found the instructions to be very easy, and the 2013 version had the updated information for my state. In addition,I could take my time to do medical directives, instead of feeling pressured to make quick decisions prior to surgery, which happened to me earlier this year. There is also access to setting up a living trust, which normally entails an additional cost. I find this entire process to be easy and painless. If you have a pretty straight-forward will, the obvious cost savings in purchasing Willmaker Plus over seeing an attorney will soon become obvious -- I highly recommend the package.
  • SevereWX - Couldn't Get Enough!This is the first book I've read from author Kerrelyn Sparks, but based on what I read, it sure as heck won't be the last. Eat Prey Love was an exciting book to read, and one I couldn't put down once I picked it up. I admit to being a fan in general, of these types of fantasy books, but the fast paced, intense moments filled with just the right amount of humor to keep you thrown off balance is just incredibly well thought out. The fact that you get a sense of who everyone is about so quickly, without being slogged through entire chapters of nonsensical backstories is what makes these characters really come to life, without bogging the reader down and killing the pace. This one should be on any fantasy lover's short list!
  • slagleddd - My Math Lab Student Access KitThis product is required for my College Algebra. It arrived in a new, unopened package, in a timely manner. I was nervous about ordering this product online after reading so many negative reviews but was very fortunate in the fact that my access code was unopened. I would definately recommend this site to my fellow students to help them save alittle money. It was available for much less than what I would have paid at the bookstore.