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  • EECinEP - Great travel chair!we LOVE this chair and get compliments on it everytime we take it anywhere with us. it is so nice to take as a backup in case where you're going does not have high chairs, and it's easy to carry. we also use this in our home attached to our island and it provides a place for our son to sit and be in the kitchen with us. definitely money well spent!
  • Elisa Olivieri - Informative, entertainingThis approachable, entertaining, well-researched book provides clear and useful summaries of medical studies on a wide range of important pregnancy-related topics: the pros and cons of various pre-natal tests, epidurals, induction, doulas, and home birth; foods that are best to be avoided, and those that are less dangerous than conventional wisdom might have us presume. It is an excellent resource-- it's like a friendly encyclopedia of pregnancy- and childbirth- related medical research!

    The author emphasizes the fact that medical recommendations come from studies, not from thin air-- and that with a little guidance (which Oster provides), women and their partners can understand those studies, and how to interpret the results in the context of their own lives. Oster shares her own choices (with much self-deprecating humor), but makes it clear that this book is about providing information, not prescriptions.

    I greatly appreciated her discussions of the origins and evolution of different recommendations (eg. pre-natal testing after 35, bed rest, fetal heart monitoring during labor, episiotomies); it's really informative to see how best practices change from one generation to the next, and how sometimes practices lag behind research.

    The introduction is available online at the Huffington post; I'd suggest checking that out to get a feel for the book. It's a lot less controversial than many of the reviews below would have you believe.

    All the hoopla around the "pregnancy vices" chapter is overshadowing some of the other important contributions of this book. In the interest of helping you decide if the rest of the book is something you might find valuable:

    One of the main themes of this book is that if you want to act in the best interest of your child, you need to figure out what "best" is. Your doctor can guide you, but you can and should have responsibility and agency in these matters.

    To a lot of pregnant women, choices about alcohol, coffee, and food are easy-- err on the side of utmost caution. Yet one thing Oster highlights is that most pregnancy-related choices aren't so easily dealt with-- in part because the costs and benefits aren't always clear, and in part because even when they are, the alternatives *all* have costs and benefits worth weighing.

    Expectant parents have to make choices, choices that involve real tradeoffs for both baby and mother. Non-invasive prenatal screening, amnio, or CVS? Schedule the induction, or not? Epidural, or not? Home, or hospital? This book does fantastic job of presenting the most credible, up-to-date estimates of the costs and benefits associated with each of these choices, and pinpoints particular things about your situation that that might make you weigh the costs and benefits differently than your friend, your OB, or Emily herself.

    I think this is where the book excels, and really fills a void: chapters about topics that are less inherently buzz-worthy than booze, but perhaps even more difficult to navigate in a sea of murky data and misinformation. The prenatal testing chapter is particularly good.
  • Jemoiselle "Jemoiselle" - A Naughty Tale About Runny Bears!My naughty Husband had me order a bunch of these for him to taunt people in the office with! No, it's not because they are so delicious and decadent! Far from it. Folks, I keep telling him he's going to get fired pulling stunts like this, but he insists it's worth it and will be well received. Anybody want to guess what this reviews updates will look like? Anyone? *snickering* If you're looking for a little entertainment or (GASp, I say) even a bit of old fashioned vengeance, these runny bears (oh!) I mean, GUMMY bears are all you're going to need. Oh yes, gummy bears, and a trustworthy smile! Share a few today!

    UPDATE: You've not going to believe this is true, but I'm going to tell you anyways! So the Hubby takes the 5lb bag to work today with maniacal plans in hand, only to come home and tell me curiosity got the best of him and before he knew it he had downed 50 of those adorable little bears of fury! "Seriously?" I ask. Oh my gosh. Would anyone like to know how dinner went? One empty seat at the table, off and on. A voice that keeps yelling at me that's not his that none of us have ever heard before, it's his stomach! It's yelling, "HELP ME!" That's how it went! Dear Lord, MEN! I told him this was his "Peter" moment. Anyone who watches Family Guy will get the reference. Good grief what will he do next? Enjoy those bears.
  • ktbaker - Love It !!!Simply ... We love this stroller! We have been searching for a light weight/compact stroller and after trying a few different ones we finally decided to try out the britax and boy am I glad we did! This stroller is amazingly compact and extremely easy to fold! I wish I would have just bought this stroller from the beginning. I drive a Chevy Malibu and the trunk is not the biggest thing..... So when I would try to put our giant travel system stroller into my trunk (which was a total pain!) there was no room left for anything! My sister is actually pregnant so I'm thinking about getting this stroller for her because it is just so great! Trust me moms and dads to be, that are leery about the price, it is most definitely worth the price. We are actually going to purchase the britax infant car seat as well so that we are able to just adapt it to the stroller if we ever need to. The only thing that I wish britax would change is the fact that you have to get all the accessories separately. Since the stroller is already pretty pricy it would be very nice if those accessories just came with the stroller. O and I also better comment on the quality of stroller, it is very well made and is extremely sturdy, my husband and have actually tried it out while jogging and it is excellent! They could advertise this thing as a jogger if they really wanted to. Which says a lot since it is considered a "light weight" stroller. Well I hope this review helps those of you review searches such as myself :) go for it you'll be glad you did!
  • Rohit R "greatdoc" - pink floyd at their bestThe division bell is an extremely underrated classic from the post waters lineup and amongst my favourites after the wall,wish you were here and the dark side of the moon.this fantastic album features classics like a great day for freedom,marooned and what do you want from me.very highly recommended.get this with a momentary lapse of reason.